Introducing GoDaddy Open. Working together to Support Your Local Microbusinesses

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Introducing GoDaddy Open. Working together to Support Your Local Microbusinesses

Built on decades of helping millions of microbusinesses and entrepreneurs succeed, GoDaddy Open is a new program partnering with cities to train and upskill local entrepreneur communities.

The Importance of Training
Marketing is needed

Research shows that the greatest challenge microbusiness entrepreneurs have in growing their business is training. From learning how to build their online presence and selling their products across multiple marketplaces, to marketing their products through social media + SEO and adopting the latest payment systems, entrepreneurs are constantly looking to upskill so they can better reach and serve their customers. In fact, from over 2,300 microbusinesses surveyed in February 2022, 65% indicated they need help with marketing to grow.

And when entrepreneurs have access to the right training, it pays off.

How GoDaddy Open Works

GoDaddy Open brings our experience and resources in training entrepreneurs to your community. The program has three defining characteristics:

1. It is collaborative. Every city has their own unique needs and capabilities when it comes to supporting entrepreneurs. GoDaddy Open is built to partner with cities to fit within the structures and networks already in place. From hosting a session at an already established small business event to co-sponsoring bespoke events with local partners, we are showing up with one goal – unlock the enormous potential of microbusinesses in your community.

2. It is customized. GoDaddy Open is not a one-size-fits-all approach to training. We meet entrepreneurs where they are in the journey, and provide the training to get them to their next level, whether they are just opening their first e-commerce store or are opening their 3rd, 5th, or even 15th brick and mortar location. We provide GoDaddy tools & resources to help them upskill, grow, and achieve success, however they’ve defined it.

3. It is free. When entrepreneurs thrive, economies become more prosperous and inclusive, and everyone wins. GoDaddy is committed to providing our training and networking capabilities freely to the cities we partner with.

Why GoDaddy

At GoDaddy, helping to guide entrepreneurs through the many challenges of starting and growing a business is our most important job.

  • Nearly two-thirds of our workforce are customer guides, dedicated to handling 40,000 interactions a day, where they are helping entrepreneurs build their businesses.
  • GoDaddy has graduated over 5,000 entrepreneurs in underserved communities through a comprehensive curriculum to launch their own businesses.
  • And we have hosted hundreds of events where thousands of entrepreneurs have come together to network and learn from experts.

Over the last two years, as COVID has magnified the importance of microbusinesses, GoDaddy has shared our research on the needs and impact of microbusinesses with hundreds of local policymakers and economic development officials.

We know city leaders understand the importance of providing training to their microbusiness communities.

And we want to help. Contact us at