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    Domain Registration Fee - 2 years or more

    Hi Guys,


    I am new here and I would like to make sure that I am understanding the fees correctly. I searched for a domain name and would like to purchase it but it gives me an upfront message "when you register for 2 years or more.1st year price $1.99 Additional years $21.99". So I add this to cart and select term for 2 years but its charging me Total (SGD) $23.98. Does this mean that they will charged me right away $23.98? When can I avail the 1st year price $1.99? Thank you

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    Former Employee


    So what that pricing means is that you have to register for at least 2 years. In return you get the first year for 1.99 and the second year for 21.99. For this discount to take effect you have to register for at 2 years up front. It is an excellent savings though! Hopefully this helps!