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Domain Auction problems--want to remove a listing

Why does GoDaddy make it so hard to change an auction listing from make offer to 7 day public listing?  Many people post domains on auction which they do not intend to keep and are expiring. By locking you in to  offer/make offer and preventing you from changing your listing type,  GD, knowing that many people wait till the last minute to make an offer,  knows that the domain will expire then they get to sell it on expiry  domains  and make the money. Also, it's strange that GD  Will not allow you to remove  unwanted domains from your domain list? Could this be because an executive determined that by keeping the domain name in front of you you are  likely to renew it? Pretty sneaky and bad business all around!


Re: Auction problems

Hi @Dereklees, thanks for posting.

You should be able to remove your listing using the steps in this article:

Once removed, you can then set it up as a different listing type.

If you don't want a domain name in your account and have no intention of keeping it, you can cancel the domain name to remove it from your account.


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Re: Auction problems

Thank you, I will look into it.  Surprising the support staff could not find this option?  I am grateful however.  Be well.