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    Calendar synced correctly but not showing the staff that is working on that service


    I have a nail salon business and I need to be able to keep track all of my online appointments and my phone appointments on my Google/iCloud calendar. This can help me filter my online appointments a lot quicker so that I can book my phone appointments properly, and also helps to avoid duplicate-bookings. I’ve set up a service that is called “any staff” and then associate it with all of the nail techs that are capable of performing that service. All works well but the only part that is not working is, my Google/iCloud calendar is not showing the nail tech that was chosen to perform that service. I also set up a box to ask my customers to provide extra details about their nails appointment, and this data won’t even show up anywhere on my Google/iCloud calendar. I can only see this detail either through my GoCentral calendar or searching through my email inbox, which you know it is really time-consuming.

    Can this feature be added to your GoCentral appointment, or if you have any suggestion that will be great.

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    Super User III

    Re: Calendar synced correctly but not showing the staff that is working on that service



    Great idea! The Website Builder team is constantly improving their platform and this is a good suggestion. Thanks for the input!



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    Appointment: block off time for certain staff

    Hello Support,


    Any updates about allowing us to block appointment time for certain staff/employee?  I run a nail salon business and this feature will be super handy for me when I have to mark the day off for my employee.  My current workaround is that I have to book fake online appointment, to block out the day that the tech is requesting off, and this task is very tedious! I also tried to uncheck the staff availability for a certain day, let say Monday for example, it then blocks every single Monday for this staff, which is not what I wanted it to be like this way.


    Re: Appointment: block off time for certain staff

    Hello @royal27! Thanks for the feedback and posting in the GoDaddy Community!


    I can definitely see why this would problematic for you when trying to give your staff a day off. I passed along your feedback to our GoCentral team in hopes that this could be a feature they can add to make your scheduling easier. If I they give me word that this is the plans to update, I will be sure to come back here and post an update! 


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    Re: Appointment: block off time for certain staff

    My workaround for now is that I created an 8-hour service to block a specific employee schedule. Can you allow us to create invisible services so that this can be for backend use only? I may have to switch to Acuity scheduling since your service really falls behind many other competitors.

    Product Team
    Product Team

    Re: Appointment: block off time for certain staff

    Hello royal27,

    Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to submit this feedback. This is an excellent suggestion. You are correct. Currently, creating a "fake" appointment would be the only work-around. While you can also block your calendar, it would affect your overall calendar, not to a specific staff. I have noted your feedback and will discuss with the product team.