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    HTML sections on GoCentral web pages aren't working with the current version of Edge

    Even a trivial HTML section on a GoCentral page won't work with the current version of Edge.


    I created the page https://boatloadtest.godaddysites.com/gocentralhtmlbug to demonstrate this bug, but I looked at three other unrelated web sites that were created with GoCentral and have an HTML section, and they are all having the same problem. And the problem is easy to reproduce on a new web page; just create an HTML section on a GoCentral page, and use "Hello, world!" or something as the HTML. The page will display "Hello, world!" on any major browser except Edge. On Edge, the HTML section will be blank, and the console in Edge's Developer Tools will say that the iframe src attribute


    javascript: window.frameElement.getAttribute("srcdoc");


    is causing the error


    SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'getAttribute' of undefined or null reference


    This isn't just a problem on my main computer; I also tested on another computer that has the current version of Edge, and the problem occurs on that computer, too.


    The problem appears to be due to a somewhat recent change in Edge; the two computers I tested on where the problem did occur are both using the current version of Edge (version 42.17134.1.0). However, I also tested on a computer with a slightly out-of-date version of Edge (version (41.16299.15.0), and HTML sections rendered correctly on that computer.


    Although this problem is due to unusual behavior in Edge, I would consider it to be a GoCentral bug, in that if GoCentral is going to surround the HTML provided for an HTML section with an iframe, then GoCentral needs to implement that iframe in such a way that it will work in any major browser.

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    Re: HTML sections on GoCentral web pages aren't working with the current version of Edge

    I'm also experiencing the same problem.



    The Form to submit to Paypal does not show in Edge Browser.



    A simple test, Under Past Events, the word test should show, it does not in EDGE browser.

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    Re: HTML sections on GoCentral web pages aren't working with the current version of Edge

    Hello @boatload and @vsousa!


    I submitted a formal request for this to be fixed. Please take a look at my original post for it to be voted on.  


    Click here for that post!

    Very Respectfully,

    Drew Davis
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