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    SEO / Google Search Problem

    Having an issue with SEO / Google Search results.


    Back when I first opened the site the add a product page contained SEO titles and descriptions. It has now since disappeared from the product page as well as the category section. 


    Is there a way to get it back? also I know you technically can't add meta tags to the site but when I search the domain phrase or similar, nothing shows up. The site can't get any visibility / web traffic & it's concerning. Smiley Sad

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    Re: SEO / Google Search Problem

    hi - sorry to say we have all been conned by Godaddy

    Please see my thread and that surprise surprise has never been resonded to by Godaddy

    I'm tied in until April but thinking of cutting my loses.  They are a dreadful company - read their reviews online.  The didn't used to be.  If you get any response/answers I'd love to hear them





    Re: SEO / Google Search Problem

    Hi again, sorry. 

    It has been a while since I added any more products to my pointless website - the last time I added a product you could add a meta title, short description and a long description ( not that it made any difference) and after reading your thread and logging on they have indeed removed the option! I cannot believe it.

    However, this maybe a way of getting some money back and leaving as it is not the product that was originally sold to us



    Helper V

    Re: SEO / Google Search Problem / Meta Tag Description

    @Gelloire @ridaz650 Well, Gelloire, I am just as miffed as you are upon discovering all my titles and meta descriptions are gone. Removing the Title Tag and Meta Description fields is absurd. I called cust. svc. about it and was on the phone a long while with them and their SEO specialist. The specialist was dumbfounded also. He had no idea why they had done this. He said they should be there.


    The rep also went to her developers and was told that "neither the title tag nor the meta description are used for ranking, so there was no benefit to having them". I did research on my own, and found there is some truth to this regarding the Meta Description, although ranking isn't the only important matter:




    The title tag, however, IS necessary and IS used for ranking (SERP) and it seems without one GD expects the search engines to use the title you have given the product instead. You can learn more about this on the bottom of the link above.


    The fact is, both the title and meta description DO become important in other ways, especially in the click thru rate. If you have a compelling meta title and description, customers are more likely to click on the product. And the product title IS NO SUBSTITUTE for a meta title and description.


    So, I'm with you. We have been shortchanged again and it is not acceptable. My meta descriptions were written specifically to complement the wording in the product description, not duplicate it. So there was information in my meta descriptions that is not found elsewhere. Had we known this was going to be removed, I would have written my entire description differently to include some of these other points which were stated in the meta description. I'm furious and everyone else should be too. Hundreds of hours of work gone in a split second...