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Selling Products with Websites + Marketing free training tutorial

The internet is a crowded marketplace. But standing out when you're just getting started isn't impossible. We're here to help you see how to best present yourself and your products online.

This tutorial unpacks how to use Websites + Marketing's e-commerce tools to showcase and sell your physical or digital products. We'll teach you the basics, and once you're ready to go live, we'll make sure you're ready to process that first transaction.

Currently, this training tutorial is only in English. Other languages will be added later in 2023!

In 6 short lessons, you'll know how to use Websites + Marketing to:

  • Create product listings for your store
  • Promote those products on your website
  • Configure and charge the correct sales tax
  • Take payments, send order confirmations, and process refunds
  • Set up your shipping methods and communicate your policies
  • Test and launch your e-commerce store

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