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Hosting plans and costs

The cost for a custom domain is separate from the cost of hosting a site. However, you can create a Websites + Marketing site for free and host it on GoDaddy without purchasing a custom domain. (Back to top)

Site management

Publish, backup, restore or connect your site to your custom domain. (Back to top)


Change the basics on your site like theme, colors, fonts, logo and favicon. (Back to top)

Analytics and search engine optimization (SEO)

Use cookies and other methods of tracking your site visitors to see who's visiting your site (and keep everything legal). (Back to top)

Site security

Even though security is included with your Websites + Marketing site, you can still help when you create good passwords and set up two-step verification. (Back to top)

Online presence basics

Get your online presence started with a collection of articles with everything you need to get online quickly and completely. (Back to top)

Pages and navigation

Add pages to your site, and use the page settings to adjust your navigation. (Back to top)


The first section on your home page is a special section called your Header. It can be customized but can't be deleted. The rest of your site is yours to create! (Back to top)

Here are articles that help with some of our specific section types:


In addition to the Calendar section, you can display calendars on your site from various sources. (Back to top)

Text and buttons

Text and buttons are incorporated into nearly every section, and we have some help for editing text and buttons in general. (Back to top)

Photos and images

Create awesome professional-looking images without any design skills needed in the Content Creator, then use them on your site or in social media posts. (Back to top)


Add videos from YouTube and Vimeo to your site. Take advantage of GoDaddy's partnership with Vimeo to create your own customized videos. (Back to top)

Facebook and Instagram

Connect your site to Facebook and Instagram for social posts, shoppable posts, booking appointments, boosted posts, and paid advertisements. (Back to top)

Connect your products and services to Facebook catalog for online selling.

Learn more about boosted posts and paid advertisements, whether you do it yourself or hire us to help.


Google services not only help you get found in search but also helps your store get found on maps and your products get found when your customers are shopping. (Back to top)

Connect to Google Business Profile and get found by people searching for you on Google Maps.

Connect your products and services to Google Channel for online selling.

Other social media

Connect your site to other social media like Facebook and Yelp to extend your reach. (Back to top)

Customers, members and subscribers

Connect with and manage your customers (people who buy your products or sign up for events or appointments), members (people you give access to private pages), and subscribers (people on your email marketing list). (Back to top)

Conversations and messaging

Use Conversations and messaging to communicate with your customers (Back to top)

Banners and pop-ups

Get your customers' attention with promotional banners and pop-up boxes. (Back to top)

Email marketing

Send marketing email to your customers to help them get to know, like and trust you. (Back to top)

Here are the steps to creating and sending a marketing email from start to finish:


Create and manage blog posts, then tailor content with categories. (Back to top)

Payments and transactions

Give people a way to give you money from PayPal and GoFundMe to GoDaddy Payments, Square and Stripe. (Back to top)

Online appointments

Let people schedule appointments with you or buy tickets to an event, in person or online. (Back to top)

Online store

Add your products to your online store to sell on your website, then connect your store to other ways to sell through Marketplaces. (Back to top)

Products and inventories

Once you have your digital or physical items added to your store, give your customers choices with add-ons and options. Then organize your products with categories to better manage your products and inventory. (Back to top)

Orders and shipping

Track your orders coming in, and any shipments you make going out. (Back to top)


Use Marketplaces to connect your store to other places you can sell, like Amazon and eBay. Then manage everything from one location. (Back to top)

Hire us to help you

We are here for you, and can help you with your website, social media content and ad campaigns. (Back to top)

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Take a moment and join a live webinar, watch videos, or take a free Websites + Marketing training course. (Back to top)

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