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    Add a "My Account" page to the menu of Webstore?

    How can I add a link to the menu that will go to the create-account page?

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    you mean without having the change to having those 5 extra options (my account, booking, orders, etc?

    I haven't been able to find any of those 5 options?


    I want to add a "My Account" link in the main menu (or anywhere) along with "Home", "Shop", Lookbook", Contact Us", About Us", etc....


    The link should go to either the sign-in page:  https://MYWEBSITE.COM/m/login?r=/checkout/address&app=ols  or the Create an Account page:  https://MYWEBSITE.COM/m/create-account page ---  both of which are currently only accessible through the checkout page.


    This feature should be standard on all eCommerce websites these days for several obvious reasons.  Even free web stores have this out of the box.


    The more I work on this GoDaddy store, the more basic features I find are missing.  I wish I knew about all this before the purchase.  For $30 a month you can get one of the major platforms that have MANY more basic features included and already set up (Shopify, BigCommerce, 3dCart, Volusion, etc.).  There are even free stores that have more features like x-Cart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, etc which you can host for $3.99 a month.  Yes, I have used all of them and more.


    There are some things I do like about the GoDaddy web store and would like to see them succeed but the pricing is way out of line right now considering the limited features and customer support for this product.  Feels like they never finished building it and just decided it was good enough as-is without checking out what else is available in the market.

    So did u get it ? I can turn it on real quick on my site to show you what it would look like. I want to do the same thing without the five extra links/tabs added to the menu bar. I hate how it looks on the phone like that because you go from having ur. Standard tabs or insight links to the pages within your GoDaddy portal that you want showing up there plus 5 more (my account, booking , orders , etc. I know there’s a way because I did it on accident Before, We’re all that didn’t show up but you could still have the option for users to make an account.

    When I called I think I remember them saying it had something to do with one of the contact form pages layout and if they filled out the form and subscribed it would allow this. If you wanted to do process of illumination using if you wanted to do process of illumination using the three variables I know are involved in this are:

    Contact form and the option to subscribe check box
    The way you can figure the connections/memberships tool.

    And I think the subscribe to blog may I have something to do with it.

    Try playing with the first two I listed above let me know if you get to a point where from a desktop computer only you will see it like this

    In the top right corner next to the shopping cart you will not see the little person icon that represents memberships - And the site having those five tabs/insight links to the to site navigation menu.....because I don’t want to say user to see five additional page links added to the menu button (the lil hamburger button with you site pages )

    Hi - Sorry for the delay.  I appreciated your help.  I'm having serious second thoughts about this store so I put it on hold for a while.


    I was able to turn the customer accounts on but it isn't working properly.  I created a test account and none of the links will work (Orders, My Account, etc.) I just keep getting taken back to the log-in page no matter what.


    Also, I had a very hard time finding that tiny little person icon so I wanted to just put a link with words "My Account" on the main menu so it can be located.

    See my last comment