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    Helper V

    BEWARE: Product image description is NOT an alt img tag

    After publishing my site, I noticed there are no alt image tags showing when I hover over my product images. I was dumbfounded because I added all the SEO options in the product setup. Turns out, after calling customer service, GoCentral Store doesn't have alt img tags for products! The description field in the SEO that I populated is only that, a description. Not sure how that plays into the whole thing, as my research indicates Google and others read the alt img tags to determine a large part of the ranking. Also read about this on Yoast. I'm shocked and dismayed to find this out. I'd be interested in hearing from others more experienced than I as to their take on this situation...I know that keywords are no longer that relevant in SEO, but the alt img tag is needed for visually impaired customers so not sure why we don't have it.

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