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    Can I delete shipping? I do not sell a physical product

    I do not wish to see the "free shipping" under my products as they are not physical products and it looks tacky. Also, the "billing address is same as shipping address" checkbox at checkout. Is it possible to remove them???


    I found that if you go to the calculate shipping and change it all to 0 it will take the FREE SHIPPING off.


    Hope this helps.

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    I have the same issue. Can't imagine that GoCentral hasn't taken into consideration selling a service! There has to be a way of removing shipping. I found that ironically if you add shipping it removed that from the service listing. But then you are charging your customer something they are not getting.

    I have the same problem!

    Helper V

    I AGREE! I've requested in the shipping set-up that another option be added for no shipping. It's been a couple of months but nothing has changed.

    Product Team

    Hey folks! 

    I'm sorry for the slow reply. If you are selling services, I strongly recommend trying the Appointments feature; this allows you to let your customers book appointments or class reservations, and collect payment (or not, it's configurable). More detail on features and how to set this up here:  


    The online store does not currently support downloadable products or services, so there is not a way to remove mentions of shipping from the current product. We are looking into supporting digital downloads, which would also involve removing shipping from the presentation, but we do not yet have a schedule for that feature. I apologize that we don't have the capability you're asking for - but please let us know if the Appointments feature doesn't meet your needs. 


    thank you!
    heidi, GoDaddy product manager

    Well then what do you recommend for the thousands of musicians who want to sell songs from their website?

    I too sell a service with no shipping. What I've found to do is delete all the shipping methods, but add the In-Person Pickup under the Shipping section. If you set that address up as your home base, then the shipping information ends up to be $0.00. It's a little clunky, but works.

    @creatively  Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately, my services are not "picked up". I give them over the phone while they are shopping or at their residence at an agreed-upon time. They are done on the fly, so no scheduling is used. The appt. feature is not appropriate either.


    If the developers could at least allow shipping charges to be set to ZERO, we could use that option. The "FREE SHIPPING" wording would go away and during checkout it would show 0.00.

    I have the same issueee, i don't ship my products, i send them via email.

    How do you guys sell your products through email? I have an eBook that I wish to sell and don’t need the shipping method how have you guys generated so that when people check out they only enter their email addresses and not shipping info so then I can send them the eBook

    @CIPT @ryan18 @sassygogo @kingElicar @creatively I see GD is now rolling out a beta version of downloadable products. That may help some people. There is a no shipping option available on those. I also happen to sell services and the only option I could use was to select ship for free, which makes no sense. It also places FREE SHIPPING wording under the product photo. I have asked for some time about adding a 4th button that said "No shipping charges" or something to that effect but it's never been done.


    Today, I had a happy accident when I discovered I had mismarked one of my services and it was missing the FREE SHIPPING wording under the product photo. I went into look at what I had selected for shipping and found I had selected "Calculate shipping based on my shipping methods". Since I had no shipping weight or sizes plugged in, it made the shipping ZERO in the cart and the product no longer says FREE SHIPPING under the photo. Love it when things work out!! Be sure to test each item in your cart though because I still see one problem. If someone selects Priority Mail Express it will charge them for shipping. Can't figure that one out...

    The downloadable products don't support any Add-ons nor any possibility of adding Options! This is no good either! Please add the possibility for Add-ons or Options for downloadable content since we have no other way of removing SHIPPING!!!!


    Please update. We are trying to use your platform for SERIOUS business. We need more options or will be forced to move to a better platform 😞





    Thanks for sharing your concern.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please share additional detail around what kind of product that you are selling that doesn't need shipping, but is not fulfilled by digital product support we have on online store.  



    Mohan Kumaresh

    Product Manager, GoCentral Online stores

    I found that if you go to the calculate shipping and change it all to 0 it will take the FREE SHIPPING off.


    Hope this helps.

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    I would like to add an option to a select group of people for free shipping and pick up at an address not my own. I thought I could do this using a coupon code but cannot.  I have a home based business and pick up here is not something I want to offer. I'm finding GD to be quite primitive and behind the times 😞