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    Free shipping for certain countries

    I am on GoCentral and just built a website. I sell physical products and only want to ship to certain countries. I setup a free shipping option, chose the countries, published the site. When I tested, on checkout I get the entire list and I am able to finish the order using any location. This isn't right as if i receive an order from a location not on my list, I will have to reject it. Why doesn't the system display in the list only the countries I chose (I'm referring to the list under the "Shipping address" section)? Could you please provide a solution to this? I will setup a separate page for the shipping policy, but I am not sure if everyone will read it or not. Thank you very much in advance!

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    Product Team

    Hi @FlorenaB,


    Thanks for reaching out.  We are not able to reproduce the issue you have highlighted.  Yes, we could improve user experience on checkout to list only the countries that you may ship to. But, today if your customer tries to ship an order to country not supported by you, your customer should see an error and will not be able to complete checkout.  Please share your webstore details, so we could check your specific issue.  Also, please make sure you haven't set 'Free Shipping' at the item level and this would override any shipping rule you may have configured at the store level. 



    Mohan Kumaresh

    Product Manager, Online stores