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    Go Central Sections

    Is there a way to move or copy a section from one page to another without having to recreated it.  I like parts of the Go Central but think Website Builder was more user friendly.

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    Hey @mjf41471,


    Right now the content sections in GoCentral can't be moved/copied between other pages. I'll pass this along as feedback for our developers to review and take into consideration for future updates they are continually working to roll out. 


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    Any idea when this feature might become available?

    I am using Website Builder. I need to move a complete section to another page.

    Copy and paste, duplicating a page is a crucial feature. There must be a way. I own the domain. FTP into it? Go back to a previous website builder tool? 


    Getting Started

    this is definitely a needed tool. please seriously look into adding this feature.

    Yeah, I see it's been over 4 months without resolution of this conflict.  This is a simple issue that should be fixed.  I am seriously reconsidering using GoDaddy.  It's been one week and I'm already having regrets.

    Please advise if there is any progress on this issue of being able to copy content from one page to another in Go Central.  This is an important tool.  Thank you.

    This is like the very basic feature that a website builder should provide and I can't believe it's not available.  What a waste of time to re-create same sections that appear on multiple pages

    What a pain.  I can't believe it is impossible to cut and paste a section on one page to another!!!   This is a basic need and the fact it was overlooked by you guys is amazing.  I doubt the powers that be know of this over-site.  Despite the talk, there are now questions concerning management at GoDaddy.   I will not be recommending you services.


    I was a true believer, no longer.


    Get it together.  Have you no pride?


    Have you resolved the issue?... I would like to copy/paste some of my sections into different pages without recreating everything.. This would have been a simple fix.. and would think it should be fixed by now 9 months later.. Please advise. 



    The short answer is no. I see you can now move around sections ON THE SAME PAGE. This is done by grabbing the icon to the left of the Section title and dragging up or down. You can also duplicate sections. This is done by clicking on the three dots to the right of the Section title and selecting duplicate. However, you can only make a duplicate of a section ON THE SAME PAGE. So, the feature I was needing--to be able to copy the section and keep it in the clipboard--and then place it on another page, still isn't possible. It's a real bummer.

    Echoing the obvious here. This needs to be a basic feature ASAP. 


    1. Duplicating pages is easiest and should come first.
    2. Duplicating sections  or other elements across different pages would be next obvious and still needed.

    I just started using Go Central and am very disappointed with the inability to duplicate sections across different web pages.  Because of this I must duplicate each page, every time, or create an HTML version of the page which sort of defeats the purpose of this kind of tool.  As a small business owner, I signed on with this tool to make things easier, so far it is making things more difficult and time consuming.  I may go back to using CS6.  

    Helper V

    I totally agree. This is a huge deficiency. Not being as familiar with the way it worked in the beginning, I set up a huge bit of content on the Home page, realizing later it should have gone under its own Page (or tab) on the menu. Now I can't just copy and move it because it's in multiple individual sections. Nor can I reorder the sections I have without completely redoing them. This is really awful. Another reason I'm "hopeful" they can address the issues I'm running into such as this quickly!


    Duplicating a page is a MUST needed one...looks like Go Daddy is still working on it from Mar 2017 and have not fixed it..


    I am able to move and or duplicate sections of my website builder on my phone. If you go to the sections list of a page, there's 3 dots on the far right side of the section description and when you click on them, they allow you to edit, move and duplicate the section. If you want to duplicate it on a different page, first hit duplicate and it will make 2 of the sections on the same page your on, then hit the 3 dots again on the double section that you want to move, and select move and it will allow you to select a different page to move it to. You will then have one section on the first page and one section on the other page. Basically, you have to make a double and then move the second one to the page you wish to copy it on. Hope that helps!

    Major help!

    Thank you... 🙂

    I tried this, it did not work. I do not have an option on the drop down labeled move.



    Celia Moore