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    Go Daddy Bookkeeping and Wordpress/Woo Commerce

    I'm not sure where this message would fit in the boards, but I'm hoping the powers that be will see this message.


    I currently utilize GoDaddy Bookkeeping to keep track of my online selling. As someone with 7 ETSY Accounts, one amazon account, an ebay account and 8 websites, I love how Godaddy's bookkeeping software automatically imports my sales and info from ETSY, Amazon and eBay. I always recommend the service to my fellow sellers.


    However, I sell on more than just those venues. In particular, I have my domains and sites hosted with godaddy and I sell on those sites using woocommerce.  Since Woo is one of the most popular selling platforms out there, I would love to see a way for my woocommerce site sales to feed directly into my godaddy bookkeeping account.


    And, to really go out on a limb, I'd love it if you could import information as well. 😉 But I'd be happy with just woocommerce. 🙂


    Is anything like this planned for down the road?  Would save me hours of time daily and at tax time.



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    Getting Started

    From what I understand there was once an GD API for this kind of development, but not anymore. Woo has a fairly robust API and it keeps getting better. I would say this is a worth while feature.


    As a developer the number one request I get is integration of sales from WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento into accounting software.


    The best you might be able to do is run all our Woo sales as Paypal and import them that way. Not the best option sometimes.

    I've been looking into Go Daddy Bookkeeping and it seems like a great solution for multi-venue sellers, but, like you, I use Wordpress. Only I'm on Ecwid, which, though less popular that WooCommerce, I love. I've built my own account system which is only vaguely automated and would love to switch to this... if only.  I'm going to make my own Ecwid promoting thread but if you can't even get Woo I guess I don't really have a prayer. 

    Hoping someone can help... I have a ton of questions about the sales tax that is added to my orders, but cannot find any type of report or information about how much is being charged, anything that provides a break down of the purchase price vs the sales tax that is taken out, vs the CC fees taken out, etc.    Does anyone have any insight as when i contacted GoDaddy, they werent much help and just directed me to this forum.