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    New GD layout issues caused by recent changes

    I've encountered several new issues in the past few days since the developers have been making changes to the templates:

    1. Today, all content sections on my entire website (preview mode) are reset to centered text instead of left justified. I started to fix them and then realized it was I didn't republish.
    2. The photo that shows with the content section layout (where there's a photo on the left and text on the right) is much smaller on the pages where the content is on a drop down menu page vs. a regular menu page.
    3. The Group Section headlines (or subheads as I refer to them) on ALL content sections on my entire site are breaking into two lines on Chrome on the responsive version. I contacted cust. svc. about this and they didn't see it on their phones. It's happening on mine and my husband's. We have Moto Z Play Droid phones.

    Be aware, if you don't check for these things and you republish your site, these issues may appear live on your site.

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    Product Team

    Hi @Hopeful I am sorry for this - very frustrating. We are investigating.  Christine, PM

    @ChristineL  Thank you so much! I forgot to mention it was happening on the Luxe template. I don't know about others.

    Hi @Hopeful - tried to reach you by email ... could you let us know the site address? I believe you may be managing multiple sites based on previous posts. Thanks! Christine

    @ChristineL Thanks for reaching out. Sorry I wasn't available. I did more investigating on the other active site I manage as well. Here's what I found:


    Issue #1:

    This is a global setting that has been changed in the templates, I suspect, because in Edit/Preview Mode all the body copy and heads are now showing as CENTERED. This is happening on both templates Luxe and Urban. Likely all templates. It is not based on the site because once I spotted this I never published and I want to make sure no one else does either.


    Issue #2:

    I measured my screen and the photo size IS smaller when the content page is part of a drop-down menu, not a regular standalone page. On the regular page, the photo is approx. 2-1/2" tall. On a drop-down menu, the photo in the content section is 1-7/8" - 2" tall. It is happening on both templates, so again, a global setting has either been changed or was never right to begin with.


    Issue #3:

    All the Group Section heads (subheads) in a Content section are breaking into two lines (sometimes even in the middle of a word) on my live site on the Luxe template and not on the Urban template's live site. Therefore, this is a template-based issue.

    @ChristineL Oh, yeah. Issue #3 is only happening on the published responsive version. Not in Edit/Preview or on the live computer version.

    Has there been a resolution to this? My site looks TERRIBLE with centered text! It looks extremely unprofessional and if it isn't changed back, I'll need to find another website builder.

    @mirandahuepers @ChristineL  Not yet. They are looking into it. It really only came to light on Friday. I have given them information that they should be able to use to find the problem. With the weekend and all, I'm assuming it hasn't been worked on. I'm unable to make needed changes to my site because I can't publish it like this so I feel your pain.


    If the developers have dummy websites they test each template with--which they should--they should be able to track the problems down quickly. (I say this because I worked in IT for a large international corporation for 10 years and have some idea.) I suggest just hanging in there. If you need to, and probably only if it's critical, you may want to consider restoring it back to an older version in the meantime. This should correct the centering problem, but no guarantees. But be aware any changes you made since the last version will be lost.

    @mirandahuepers @ChristineL Miranda, I should also add that it has not been determined whether the centering issue is happening only in Edit/Preview Mode or if it's happening when the site gets published, too. Is your site published and you are seeing it on the published site? Knowing that information can be very helpful.


    So, my info about reverting back to a previous version only applies if your site has been backed up or published recently. You'll want to look at that before deciding what to do.

    When I go to the Theme & layout. The system is only giving themes, font and layout options.


    So now I can't update my site or it will look like a hot mess since the layout won't change to fit my style, photos, and text.


    Please advise.



    Hi @OMGServices,  yes we recently added more theme options, and as part of this change, we have combined theme + header layout.  There are two ways to set up your header layout now: 1) if you are using Slate, Modern, Dusk themes, you can select from four different image customization options (we will be extending these to all themes soon), 2) change to a new theme.  Changing to a new theme will not change the layouts you have picked for rest of site - only for the header.  You can also choose same fonts and colors that you used to have.  If you call Support, they should also be able to help you with more details to get the look you want. In general, if your site was already published, the look should not be different from what it was before we made this change.  Hope that helps. Christine on Product team.

    @ChristineL @OMGServices @mirandahuepers I just checked my store and I see that these issues are not fixed. I thought the centering issue may have been, but upon closer examination it looks as if the only pages that are not centering all the text and heads are the ones I changed myself. All the rest are still centered. I have changes I'm needing to publish but can't or my store will go live looking like a hot mess so I'm wondering an ETA before these issues will be fixed, please?

    Hi @Hopeful @OMGServices @mirandahuepers It would significantly help our team if one of you can share your site address so we can see what is happening.  Or, you can call Support team and they will be able to get us the detail we need. From our testing, the bug was fixed so we would like to see how it's showing up on your site. Sorry - trying to help but we need more info.

    @Hopeful I also tested About and Content sections in a LUXE theme, and cannot reproduce the issues of section headings breaking into two lines, or image size being different.  So, a bit stuck in figuring out what is going on.

    Same thing is happening to the Modern page layout on my site.  Now it only centers the text in the description boxes and does not allow me to change the justification.  Any word on a fix?

    @Aquarius An update went out yesterday to change the default to be left justified vs. centered. However you are saying that you cannot change the alignment at all?  Also can you please let us know if you are talking about the Content or About Section? It also helps if you can tell us which layout within the section is giving you trouble.  Thanks, Christine 

    @ChristineL  I am referring to the About section.  The description boxes under my headlines for each section are now defaulting to center justify, when before the default was left justify, which is what I prefer given the amount of content in the description.  There is no longer the option to change the justification in the description boxes.

    @Hopeful We reverted the default layout for Content section to be left justified.  This will affect all websites when you go to edit - nothing will change unless the site is published.  However it sounds like for the folks in this thread, the default you were expecting was left justification so your sites will look as they did before (left justified).  Note that if there is a call to action button it will also be left justified.  This is by design though we are doing more user testing to see if others also prefer button to be centered. 


    We are still looking into the section breaks you mentioned - that has been hard to reproduce.



    As of Wednesday, I have done testing on 2 different templates--Luxe and Urban. It appears that Issue #1 (see above) has been resolved. I have not republished yet but I assume it will work. For other users, apparently, when the templates were "updated", the alignment got changed or reverted back to a centered alignment, instead of retaining the settings we had published. They have now set the alignment to left justify. You will need to check this on your templates before republishing.


    @ChristineL Thank you for getting this issue corrected. I understand you are still working on the other two issues, but I appreciate it very much. I do have a concern, however. My question would be to the developers:

    Whenever there are changes made to the templates are our settings going to be retained? If so, will you have a system in place going forward, such as quality control or proofreaders, who check for these issues before the "updated" version is released?


    Also, I have identified a new issue in my testing today. The Urban template offers a section with 3 round photos. In preview mode (didn't republish out of fear), the links on those photos have ceased to work. I checked, and the links and alt text, etc. are still set up, they just don't function now. Guess you'll have to add this to your list...

    Hi @Hopeful it would be very rare (if at all) that our releases would change how a published site looks. If we make a change to some customization options, you'll notice those when you go to edit. In this case, the DEFAULT alignment for the layout you had used got changed to centered vs. left due to a bug. However, you immediately noticed this in EDIT mode and did not publish (it was still possible for you to manually change the layout to be left aligned but that would have been a lot of extra work - hence we reverted our default.  That does mean that for those users who built a site during the period when default was Centered, will now be in a situation when they return that the default is now LEFT. But again, this is all in EDIT mode and does not impact an already published site.  You always have to republish to apply any changes or new features we have added.  

    For the other issues cited, I've actually recruited some help to follow up with you in order to expedite the process.  Thanks for making us aware - and sorry we did not find this first.

    @ChristineL Been busy, late to respond. Sorry. I get what you're saying, I understand how it happened (somewhat) and appreciate your apology. You stated that this did not impact published sites. I would like to point out, however, that actually this "bug" had GREAT potential to impact an already published site because you're assuming someone would see the issue and not publish. I don't feel that's the case. It was just a fluke that I happened to spot the first problem when I went into Edit to make a minor change.


    I'm also assuming that's the case for most of the users. If we're working on our site in between other things, we go into Edit to make a minor change, make that change and publish. We don't look all around for various issues before we publish. It was by chance that the page I was making the change on had an obvious centered alignment, which then caused me to look further and find other issues. It was a miracle that day I didn't Publish. So, it feels like this debacle caused by a "bug" is being downplayed, when actually it was quite substantial. That's why I was asking about your procedures for testing/quality control after a change is made.


    The others issues that you forwarded on are still outstanding. Did you share with E. the screenshots of those I sent you?