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    New What's New format, and updates for January and February 2021

    Hello! We're trying an experiment and seeing how it works having the What's New updates in a Help article instead of a blog post.


    What's New in Websites + Marketing Help Article


    (or if you're in Help already, search for "What's New")


    In the meantime, here are some new things you can do in Websites + Marketing:

    February 2021:

    • Edit images directly in your Media Library
    • Add an Out of stock label to your item in the store gallery, not just after someone clicks through to the item.
    • Share your events and appointments on social media from your Services page.

    January 2021:

    • Add videos as an image layer in Content Creator/Over for GoDaddy
    • New ways to sort and filter your orders with Order status (more easily sort out unfulfilled orders) and Delivery method (shipping, local delivery, local pickup, etc.)

    Let us know down below what you like better: blog post or Help article?

    Allie P at GoDaddy
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