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    Online Store Orders

    I have been asked to write some software that could pull orders, complete with order details, from a GoDaddy online store, for the purpose of comparing the orders with current inventory, and preparing orders from suppliers to fulfill the orders.  


    Does anyone know of a way to pull the orders, with details, from a GoDaddy online store?  Everything I have been able to find points to downloading the orders directly from the store as a CSV, which would be fine, except the CSV file received doesn't contain any order detail information. It is basically useless for any purpose other than seeing how much money you got, and from who.


    Any help anyone has would be greatly appreciated.  The software would be written in C#.





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    Helper VI

    Hello @LarryDietz


    The only way to export orders is this



    but since you said that the CSV file does not help you, maybe your client would consider upgrading there hosting and changing the software use for the store.


    Good luck.

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