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    Question about Cron and $HOME/HTML

    Hello, everyone.


    We have a chron job that has been running for many years without problem. It's written in Perl, and its function is to rename files on a determined schedule. At the beginning of this year, it stopped working. We no longer have contact with the programmer who wrote the code over 8 years ago.


    Our questions are as follows:


    1.    Does $HOME/HTML in the address of the Godaddy chron job manager refer to our root directory on the Godaddy server? (We have a static IP and the Shared Deluxe Linux Server Option.) 


    2.  The user interface written by our programmer for renaming a file states:

                "for the scheduler to work properly, it is necessary to have the paths

                begin with: ./html"

    Is this still valid?

    A typical example is:

                Source File Path:           ./html/membersonly1/left_navigation_frame22.htm

                Destination File Path:    ./html/membersonly1/left_navigation_frame.htm

                Date of File Update: Month Day Year


    In the past, when the chron job ran on the date selected, the Perl script would change the Source File Path to the Destination File Path. This is no longer happening, though there has been no change in the Perl script file.


    We are hoping that one or the other of these things is the problem and would like to rule them out before investigating further.


    Thanks, Joshua

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    Hi @Jr2bdsm. Thanks for posting.
    The "$HOME" variable is set to the default directory of the hosting account. The "html" directory is the document root of the hosting account. Your #1 looks normal.
    The second part looks like what's in the PERL script. That looks normal and valid. I'm not very familiar with PERL, so I couldn't say for certain if anything would need to change in the script itself.
    You may want to consider contacting support to have them test Cron on your account.

    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 Support | Check System Status