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    Zooming in on product photos - the key

    Since an old thread was closed, I am resuming this topic. About 2 years ago, after searching the help files about best file sizes and finding nothing, I called GD and followed the advice of a GD rep to make my photos small to improve load times. Unfortunately, after doing around 1,500 photos, I learned the advice I was given was bad. According to the thread on this matter, if you don't make them 600 or above, you lose the "zoom" feature. I was not a happy camper to find this out and certainly don't have time to redo all my photos. Nonetheless, here I am, a year later, having to redo all my photos if I want zoom.




    So, using the info provided in the above thread from @JesseW , I redid several photos at 600x600 and published them, only to find out they STILL did not zoom! The frustration with this is beyond words. After I took a chill pill...


    Finally, today I redid photos at 650x650 and what do you know? I'm getting a zoom. I just wanted to share with others so they don't have to go through 2 years of frustration like I did to get results...


    I really wish GD would share the information we need to make these features work WHEN they are developed. Not 2 years later.

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