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    lots of site problems/concerns

    I'm concerned after having this site a longggg time about bad search engine placement for one thing. A friend of a friend who is a "techie" took a look at it for me and sent all these issues below. I would think the Go Daddy service I pay for would "handle" some of this! I'd appreciate any comments/help! Are all of these technical errors MY fault? Thanks! Susan



    i think there’s a ton of potential here that I could help with.

    While reviewing, I noticed a few technical errors that are affecting your website’s performance.

    Optimizing your website's performance is crucial to increasing traffic, improving conversion rates, generating more leads, and increasing revenue.

    Here are some technical elements you need to take action:
    1. Poor site speed/page loading time.
    2. Your website is not using https, a secure communication protocol. Even for sites that do not collect sensitive customer information, search engines suggest that switching to https is an increasingly good idea and may help improve rankings. 
    3. Use meta name="viewport" tag for mobile friendly appearance.
    4. Create Clickable Phone Number (href="tel"), display the phone number in huge font!
    5. Create Clickable Email Link (href="mailto") to get more Lead!
    6. Place Social Share Buttons to your content!
    7. Add a Blog on your website ( or!
    8. Create internal pages for inbound linking.
    9. Add "Contact" menu on your website!
    10. Add "About Us" menu on your website!
    11. Your webpage has 32 'img' tags and none of them contain the required 'alt' attribute.
    12. We found some HTML deprecated tags. You are advised to change these old tags with equivalent tags or proper CSS rules.
    13. Your site either doesn't have a favicon or this has not been referenced correctly.
    14. Your webpage doesn't take the advantages of HTML Microdata specifications in order to markup structured data.
    15. Arrange the content placement properly.
    16. None of the top business keywords are ranking on the top spot of the Google organic search results.
    CPC (USD)
    tybee vacation rentals40(36)3,6000.32 
    tybee island rentals by owner6(6)500.50 
    tybee rentals by owner5(5)400.51 
    tybee island vacation rentals by owner7(5)700.96 
    tybee vacation rentals by owner5(4)302.12 

    The search trend seems to decline over months that means your customers have dropped.

    Fixing technical errors that will help you rank higher and your website could see a big boost in, new visitors, conversion rates, and interactions.
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