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    "Replace" not working on blog background image

    On the blog page setup, replacing (not deleting and uploading) an image gets saved in Preview Mode but does not on the live version. Can GD get this fixed?? I don't want to delete it because I have it working perfectly on other pages on my site.


    Hi everyone,


    I got word that this issue should now be resolved. Please let me know if you still encounter issues!



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    Former Employee

    Hi @Hopeful,


    Just to confirm, you're talking about the image that shows up as the backgound of the Blog section on your website - not an image that shows up in a single blog post.  If so, you'll need to republish your website for that change to take effect on the live site.  And it might take a few minutes / a hard refresh to make it show up.


    If this doesn't help, let me know your website url and I'll take a look.



    Sr. PM, Blog

    Yes, I'm talking about the background image. I gave up and contacted customer service several days ago. They escalated it and a few days later I got an email back stating that the developers know about this issue and the "replace" is not replacing the prior image properly. They will not fix it until the next update to the blog it said. No timeframe given.

    Exactly I'm having an issue there too as well as the "add image" icon. I just paid for a whole year of membership and not being able to add my photos is very disturbing



    Can you provide a little more detail so I'm sure I understand your question?


    The issue with the background image not changing has been resolved so I want to make sure we're talking about the same thing.


    Your description of "add image" leads me to believe you're in your blog editor, trying to add an image to the blog post itself.  Is that right? If so, please let me know what steps you're taking and what's happening.  If you'd like to provide your website url I'd be happy to take a look.  


    In general, this article explains how to create/edit a blog post, including inserting an image (step 8). Take a look and let me know if this still isn't working as expected.





    GoCentral PM

    @cstrasia @@girlboss101  I'd like to chime in here. I just tested the blog background image after you say it has been fixed. I replaced it and republished and the first time it loaded correctly on my live site. All times after that it's still loading the old image again (stretching it making it blurry), so it's not completely fixed yet.


    To see what image it is loading, right click on the background and View Background Image. It shows a long narrow image I loaded months ago thinking it would work. Every time I try to replace it, it doesn't load the new image (even though it shows it saved the new image in Edit mode) which is much larger and taller. Thanks.

    Community Manager

    Hey @Hopeful,

    Are you still experiencing this issue! Please let @cstrasia and me know. Thanks!


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    @RachelM @cstrasia Thanks for following up! The background image is still not fixed. I just checked it again. It is loading the correct image and looks great in Edit and Preview mode. After republishing, however, on the LIVE site, it still loads the old (and too small) image I initially tested. So the image is getting stretched and looks really blurry. Why it won't load my correct image in the LIVE version beats me. I can see that it is the active image in my setup.

    Community Manager

    Thanks @Hopeful! I'll let the team know. 


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    @RachelM @cstrasia  I see they are making various changes to the blog now. Can you follow up on the status of getting this correction made, please?

    @Hopeful To dig into this, I need to experiment a bit. Can I have you permission to attempt to change the background image on your blog section as long as I change it back if it works for me?



    @syyoung @RachelM @cstrasia I would rather you perform testing with your own dummy sites than on my live one. Thanks.

    I understand. I've been unable to replicate on my test sites, which is why I asked. I got your private message and I'm happy to continue troubleshooting there.

    @syyoung@RachelM This issue still isn't fixed. It's been 45 days now. Any resolution coming?

    Hi, I'm just experiencing this too.  I try to change the background image on the blog and it works in the builder and preview but not when the site goes live.  Please help.

    I am experiencing this too. Will it get fixed, I have paid and this is for my college course and I get marked on it. I cannot change the background picture, it is OK in draft but not the live blog.



    It's very strange people are experiencing this error. 



    Are you talking about the second blog layout? 

    I am sure you are talking about the layout blog for the 4 display, which you can replace the background. 


    Can you guys go into what is the problem you are facing with Screenshots? 


    That way I can assist you or see what the problem is and you can link me your webpages as well so I can take a look, 

    Hello there,
    Yes it is the layout where you can replace godaddys photo of the
    fingers/hand and clay. When i replace it and publish it, on the editing
    site it is my photo but on the live site it is still the godaddy photo.

    I have attached two photos to show you.

    Thank you

    I have changed it for now to another layout until the problem is resolved.

    What's your website url?

    Hi, my issue is with the blog layout with the 4 blogs in a horizontal display.  It's the background image that you can put behind the blogs that can't be replaced.  It's just a recent thing, it was working a few months ago when I last changed it.  Now, you can change it in the builder and the preview shows the change but when you look at the live site, it hasn't changed.  I've tried deleting the image completely to have no background and tried just replacing it both with an uploaded image from my computer and an image from the godaddy supplied  searches.  Nothing seems to change it on the live site.  It's not a cookies or cache issue with my laptop as I've checked it on other people's devices.  At present my background image is stuck on some autumn leaves.  My website is

    That's very odd have you tried using the default backgrounds or stock photos? 

    It looks like its zoomed in also.