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Unexpected and Exorbitant Check Fees for Cashparking

Bad enough Godaddy charges $11/mo for the privilege of using your domain parking service, after a year I finally made nearly $100. Oh, but wait!  A $25 check fee was assessed and my profit is $65!  Minus fees I"m in the hole. Why on earth didn't you just send the payment to the Paypal account on file???  THANK YOU, GODADDY! I hope the FTC instigates you. I'll testify.


Hi @Eagleblind,


Sorry to hear you're upset about the CashParking fees.  The fees for checks being issued are explained in the help documentation for the product, which you can find here:


I get it's frustrating, and understand why you're upset.  I would recommend updating your Payee settings to another option that has a lower minimum, and perhaps you can miss those fees as well.  


Hope you'll hang in there.



ML - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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My payee settings were set. I'm sorry Godaddy would do something that low.