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Email Forwarding MX Records?

I registered a domain and enabled Email Forwarding as described in GoDaddy instructions, however, email is never delivered, and after a few days, it bounces and stops attempting to be sent.


I looked at my domain DNS records, and there are no MX records by default.  I added 2:


MX @ (Priority: 10)

MX @ (Priority: 20)


I still do not receive email, and got a bounce back suggesting the recipient wasn't found.


Are these the correct MX servers to use for GoDaddy Workspace Email Forwarding credits that come along free with your domain?  (Yes, I enabled it for the domain in question, setup the forwarder account in the Workspace panel, etc.)


Re: Email Forwarding MX Records?

Hi @BW75,


Welcome to the Community!


The correct MX records when using our workspace email (mailboxes or forwarding) are as follows: 


MX        @ (Priority: 10)        1 Hour

MX        @ (Priority: 0)                1 Hour


You should also create the following CNames:







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Re: Email Forwarding MX Records?

Hi - 

I am having the same problem of not getting the emails I have forwarded.  I've tried your solution and it did not work for me.  I set up the forwarding in the first place per these instructions...  I also tried changing the email routing in CPanel to Local Mail Exchanger per another suggestion I found.  None of these solutions have helped. It has been 48 hours since I updated the MX records.  I found somewhere else that it could take this long.  Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Email Forwarding MX Records?



I try this solution and was succesfully for a short time.

In this moment I have same configuration but it does not work. 

the problem is : 550 relaying denied for