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    Adding Insurance to Shipping

    Is there a way to add a checkbox in the shopping cart to let the customer choose insurance on their shipping? 

    Some customers want bare bones shipping cost, while some want to add insurance. There should be a simple checkbox and shown added amount for the customer to choose. 

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    Re: Adding Insurance to Shipping

    Hi @Todd2000,


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    Just as you can add something like gift-wrapping as a last minute feature, try these instructions for adding the purchase of shipping insurance. This can only be done in the Online Store, not the levels using only one-product PayPal purchases. 



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    Re: Adding Insurance to Shipping

    Sorry that is not a solution! Since the value of insurance is based on the value of the item being sold & the location its being shipped to there is no way to guesstimate & enter an appropriate cost for that insurance. that insurance value HAS to come from the shipping provider.  

    Re: Adding Insurance to Shipping

    to follow up... tech support say there IS NO solution and they aren't working on one.