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    How do I transfer from subdomain to primary domain.

    I have purchase an economy cpanel linux hosting. I have a domain www.mydomainname.com which and under my hosting I have a testing.mydomainname.com. This is my development area. I now want to move this primary domain testing.mydomainname.com to www.mydomainname.com.


    I followed the steps presented on the cpanel, however when I select www.mydomainname.com and click change, it comes up with an error - "not able to process.....".



    Assistance required.

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    Re: How do I transfer from subdomain to primary domain.

    Hi @James_Pro, thanks for posting.

    If the domain name is already setup as the primary domain name on the hosting plan, it cannot be changed to replace a subdomain or to point to another folder on your hosting plan. You may need to move the files to the root directory for the primary domain name.

    You may want to call Support so they can more closely review your hosting configuration.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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