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    How to make full-width custom HTML



    I'm using custom html to create my website design using the builder. However, I'm not sure how to get the custom html to span the width of the page. I've tried everything I can think of that would normally work, but there seems to be some kind of container width that I'm stuck in. 


    Does anyone know how to customize the html to make the custom code fill out the whole width of the page? Where is this container problem coming from? 


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    Re: How to make full-width custom HTML

    The HTML sections are isolated in an iframe container.  You can customize what is inside the container, but not outside.  So you wouldn't be able to change the width, this is set by the theme.

    Re: How to make full-width custom HTML

    Thank you @Nate, that's super helpful to know. I've been spinning my wheels about this for hours. Kind of awful that you can't customize for the full width, isn't it? 


    Thanks again!