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    Making my website mobile friendly with website builder

    I am struggling with making my website responsive with website builder. When I check my website on my mobile the text does not fit, things have moved around and are less readable. Is there one button somewhere that I can click to solve this problem so that it automatically becomes mobile friendly?

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    Re: Making my website mobile friendly with website builder

    Hi @lewinsky1,


    Welcome to the Community!

    There are several things you can try to make your website favorable to the rendering on a mobile device. First, you can try using various themes to see which one may represent your information better. Some themes handle large bodies of text or pictures better than others, as geared to each type of business. 


    You may also work to keep your page titles short, to improve their resizing for mobile view. This will keep your menus shorter, more concise. After making each major change, be sure to publish your site. This not only allows you to see it online, but to revert to previous versions.



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