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    Mississippi cannabis coalition

    I am going to be building a site for mississippi cannabis coalition. we are trying to get pot legalized in mississippi. I will need to draw upon experts in the field. Is anybody out there 420 friendly and would like to participate in the legalization of weed across america. the process is similar from state to state. 

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    Helper V

    Re: Mississippi cannabis coalition



    Hello there,

    You might want to get a hold of Paul Standford . Super nice guy, but might be real busy these days!?

    Hope this helps

    Mrsroadrunner Photography

    Re: Mississippi cannabis coalition

    I would like to participate but i do this as a professional so i have to be compensated for my time.

    Akuma55 Developments

    Re: Mississippi cannabis coalition

    who is paul stanford and where does he work? 


    Re: Mississippi cannabis coalition

    Paul Stanford is the Founder/President of  the Campaign for The Restoration & Regulation of Hemp among others.He's recently had outsiders take over his life's work at The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation/ THCF Medical Clinics In Oregon.