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    Need help with transferring my pre-designed website



    I hope someone can help me with my current problem, I believe it best to start with a bit of backstory first before getting to the main questions. I own an upscale Salon and Day spa and of course, we have a very active website due to us constantly listing promotions and such. About a month and a half ago, I suddenly lost all access to the web design tools that was given to me by the freelancer who originally created our website ( Lux131.com ), and can't get into any contact with him whatsoever. I managed to get ahold of our domain name (which wasnt under my account as per contract agreement), and now im still unable to figure out how I can go about editing my website again to update prices and promotions. I'm afraid of signing up with a more reliable web developing tools company and ending up losing the entirety of the website, we absolutely love our website! We don't want anything of it to change besides editing a few things here and there. What can I do to safely transition my current website to ensure it doesn't disappear on me? I read somewhere I need the website files or backup, but sadly I don't have that nor do I know how to get ahold of them since the freelancer who has them is just ignoring me. Thank you for the help!

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    Re: Need help with transferring my pre-designed website

    You certainly do have a beautiful, sophisticated website! Your website is built on the weebly.com platform, which is basically a do-it-yourself website builder. I would contact weebly.com, direct them to your site, somehow prove to them it's yours, tell them your problem, and hopefully they can sort things out for you. Then if you wish you can maintain the website yourself; it's quite simple once you learn the basics.

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    Re: Need help with transferring my pre-designed website

    Hello @ImanKanash!


    I see your domain is register with GoDaddy and your website is hosted by Weebly.com. You should be able to contact them here and request them moving your website into your own Weebly account about you can control. Worst case scenarios are that Weebly will not be able to transfer the site into your account OR you will need to create a new website. Good thing is that you have control of your domain account. 


    Let me know if that helps you some. 

    Very Respectfully,

    Drew Davis
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