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    Helper V

    Need track inventory w/o showing inventory

    I don't understand why GD seems to think because we want to track our inventory that we want to SHOW our inventory to our customers! We need a button added to the screen that says Display Inventory, on or off. The two capabilities serve two different functions. Some items I may want my customers to know I am running low, others I don't.

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    You do not track your inventory on your website. Tracking your inventory is a totally different program separate from your website. Do your research and buy a program for tracking inventory.

    @jerrychev  GoDaddy requires you to "Track Inventory" if you want to prevent people from ordering more than the quantity you have. You can't specify no backorder allowed without tracking inventory. That's the problem, they have tied the two together. To make matters more problematic, they DISPLAY your inventory on hand if it's less than 5 or something. We should be given an option as to whether that information is displayed or not, which is what I am saying.

    Would LOVE that feature!! Here's hoping they will allow us to do that.

    i agree needs a little more thought and sophistication.... i am having to not allow back order so that i can keep from clients going all the way to checkout - as it doesnt allow you to see when something is not in stock.


    Maybe no stock, but allows back order button to client then with a personal message you can type in something like we can get this product for you in x days if you wish to go ahead.


    if you find a solution keep me posted please !