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    Online Store Spacing Issue

    I'm using the minimalist theme.  I set up the main page and have added products.  The spacing between the words "Featured Products" and the images of the featured products is way too much.  Is there any way to change that?  It doesn't look like that when I preview the theme before switching to it.  I'm noticing the same thing when I open the "Shop" link at the top.  It goes to my product page, but the spacing is about double what it should be.  Is there a way to change this?  Was trying to attach a screenshot of the spacing issue to this message, but it won't even upload.  It's 130KB, not that big of a file.


    Another question ... If I change the theme now, am I going to lose all of my customization?  Background, fonts, ect.

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    Re: Online Store Spacing Issue

    Hey @tony46113,


    First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


    Jumping ahead to your second question, changing the template should not start you over. At most you may need to fill in a few fields to help update the framework around your existing catalog and content you've already created. 


    Back to the display issue you're seeing; hard to say for certain on a public discussion forum, but it sounds like you might be copying and pasting in some of your content which is making the extra space. Possibly there's just some extra spaces or line breaks.


    If you already checked your content blocks for hidden spaces, I'd recommend reaching out to our live support so they can help look into this further. Let us know if you manage to get this worked out. 


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    Re: Online Store Spacing Issue

    Going to try to upload the image of my example again.  I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with support and they pretty much were of zero help.


    The vertical space between Juice Menu and the beginning of the product photo is way too much.  The vertical space between the first row of products and the second row of products is way too much.  It's like that on every page.

     photo Capture.jpg