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    Online store: product listing thumbnails

    The product listing picture thumbnails are only displaying 4 pictures and then lots of extra space then the arrow key to scroll to the 5th+ photo. Not sure why this space is in there but it hides half the photos and you have to be looking for that arrow to scroll to the next. I am sure customers are not even seeing it and it should have enough room for another 3 or 4 photos before needing to scroll. I've changed theme and its the same layout with those product thumbnails.  





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    Usually when images do not display consistently the first thing I think of is that the images are not consistent in size.    Are all your images the same size and orientation?


    If not, what you'll want to do is decide on a size, (square is best) for example 800 x 800 and use that same size for all your product images.   Does that help? 😉


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    When I first created the store it did not have this issue and my pictures were all different sizes. Still I just went through and edited the pictures to be the same size and no change. Only shows 4 thumbnails followed by a bunch of empty space and then the scroll right arrow. I am only trying to have about 7 - 8 pictures so they should all be able to fit in there without the need to scroll at all. 

    I have this same issue. Thumbnails looked great when I first set my store up about a year ago, but now 4 thumbnails and a lot of space before the arrow on the right.   

    I have the online store which was related to mexican or baja hoodies   and shirts.I have a issue that whenever I upload a bulk of pictures then It contains not more than 3 thumbnails.how I can solve it.