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    Orders not updating, pictures not updating, changes not sticking

    I have some issues here on my end, I did a search to see if these have been addressed in the past but I did not come across anything. So if you know where the solution is please point me in the right direction.


    1.) When I first started this and I added my ebay as one of my market places, anytime someone made a purchase on ebay, it wouldupdate on my store for my website no matter where I posted it. Now however, I am not getting any updates, I have sold 10 items and not a single one of them reflect on my orders page, however the quantities do update correctly.


    2.) When I upload items via csv and then create a listing for it on my ebay market place, the quantity on sellbrite says 0 but when i go look at my products page on both my store and manage products it does in fact show 1 available. I do not have any reserved quantities and have double and triple checked it. The only way I can get it to display anything more than 0 is to go to my products page, update my quantity to more than 1, hit save, go to my products list page and go in and view quantity, save it, then finally go to my listing and go to the quantity and select no template then reselect my template for it to finally update to 1.


    3.) If i want to update pictures on my listing, it used to be i would just upload to my actual product and then it would automatically update everything else and would see the chages on ebay pretty quick. Now however, if i update the pictures, i have to then go to the products list page, open the item, navigate to the images for the product, let them load, save it, then go update my quantity as described above then go to the actual listing and go to the images page and let them load there then publish to ebay.

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    Re: Orders not updating, pictures not updating, changes not sticking



    Unfortunately this sounds like something you're going to need to contact support about (links at the top of page.) As volunteers on this board we don't have that kind of backend access and this really sounds like some sort of configuration issue on the server.

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    Re: Orders not updating, pictures not updating, changes not sticking

    Lol, I was really hoping to avoid dealing with any “support,” oh well, there goes my day.