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    Playing MP4/QT/WebM Videos

    Can anybody shed light on how to play an MP4, QuickTime, or WebM video?


    It doesn't seam that any of the Site Builder tools allow for this.


    Thanks in advance!


    Todd Cherniawsky

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    Hey @AsylumDesign,

    Which site builder are you actually using to insert video? Knowing which builder you're trying to use could help other members familiar with the application offer more specific advise on how to insert the video you want. 

    The site builder aside, there's some general information available through your preferred search engine that might help. I found one general article at W3Schools.org that might be able help you get started. 


    Let us know if you manage to get this worked out on your own. 

    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Helper I

    Hello AD.


    If you are using WebsiteBuilder, continue below. If not, fallback on CG has said.


    First - To save your site space, upload your video to youtube.


    On the page where you will want your video to run, click on the 'youtube' tag in the left column.


    When the youtube tag opens, you have access to what you can do with your video, to run it from youtube.


    Youtube video adrs, size, light/dark, etc


    Hope that helps.