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    The Good and the Bad of GoCentral

    Trying to use GoCentral Website Builder (Business Plus) for the first time to simplify site development and hosting cost on one of my sites and here is my very quick evaluation of what is good and bad.


    Granted I gave it all of one evening of trying to use the service so my assessment is not a deep and informed one, rather that of first impression.  However that first impression was enough to keep me paying for the higher cost of cPanel hosting and flexibility of coding design using WordPress.


    The Good

    • Cheaper (over cPanel Hosting)
    • Simpler
    • Plugin Integration of features, (this was the best part)

    The Bad

    • Once you have chosen a theme, it was near impossible to switch to another theme, after switching industry type, without the entire program crashing leaving the site in an uneditable state with a 500 error
    • Frustration in not being able to pick a custom header accent color
    • Frustration in not being able to fine adjust design elements, alignment, positions

    However with templates I guess the frustrations are part of the limitations built in to the deal, so they are not really faults just limitations of design. 


    At the end of the day, I couldn't stand simply not being able to pick the custom color I wanted rather than a choice of three accent colors (in this particular theme) for the header and simply left align my logo to be flush with the page edge. 


    That lack of edit-ability was the deal breaker plus not being able to switch themes without GoCentral blowing up.  The best part was the integration of plugin functionality.


    This is just a limited first impression review and I'm sure it is a good choice for many.



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    Re: The Good and the Bad

    GoCentral is a limited platform for creating a basic website.  It works great for those who just want to add their content to a template, but not so good for those looking for customization or specialized features.

    Re: The Good and the Bad

    @Natethanks I understand.