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    Unable to edit tag in Comics template



    In the comics template there is a meta tag called ' description ' 


    <meta property="og:description" content="Find out more about our newly stocked anime and manga collection">


    There does not seem to be a way to edit this in the GoCentral editor, however there is a place to edit other tags such as site name, title, and so on. 


    The problem is that the site I'm building is for my own comics - I don't deal in Manga or Anime. I'd like to have the option to remove or edit that line, but it does not seem to exist. 


    45 min on hold for 20 minutes of being told the line doesn't exist by godaddy help was no help. 

    any suggestions ? 



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    Re: Unable to edit tag in Comics template



    That's the Open Graph tag for the site/page description primarily used by Facebook.  Not being familiar with the template you are referencing, Open Graph text is derived from actual site content or fields.


    Did you check in Site Settings > Search Engine Optimization > and input a new description for each page?  The only thing I can think of is if the description field is left blank on each page it may be defaulting to the template's description.


    I checked my GoCentral store and do not see any Open Graph tags in the code -- but my test site is not published so that could be why.


    Do you have a URL for me to take a peak at? 😉


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