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    Unable to "truly" customize form

    Hello!  I have a Small Business Account and the Website Builder is telling me I should be able to customize my forms.  However, in the template I am using, I am only given the option for a few pre-made forms.  I am modifying the Contact Form to create an Order Form but my label text is either overwriting my input fields, or spanning multiple lines.  I need to stretch or widen my label fields and shorten my input fields.  I also want some options two to a row instead of stacked.  Lastly, I need to enter just text, like instructions in an embedded text box if possible.  Does anyone know how to do any of this? Check it out here... you can see what I'm trying to do http://www.quicksanddesignsvb.com/order-form.html


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    This is most likely possible by customizing the CSS (cascading style sheets) of your website. Do you have access? Alternatively you may want to try a new forms builder like Wufoo, Google Forms or Formstack. Some are free some are pay for. Let me know if you'd like some more guidance on this. It could actually take quite a bit of time to get it "just the way" you want it, especially when it comes to tweaking the CSS.


    This is a great place to start.

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    I am pretty familiar with CSS.  I only used the template because this is my sisters website and she needs to be able to edit it once I get the basics laid out.  I might need some guidance on finding how to edit the CSS on a template page.  Or if I give up and use one of your form builder suggestions, how to link it to the template site.