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    Updating old site I didn't build

    Someone built my website for me over 3 years ago. I don't have contact with them, I don't know what they did it with (I can only assume Word Press) and I have no idea how to access any of my content. I need to update the site now, and I'm going to do it on my own. Where do I go to find all of this?

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    If you can provide the web address, that'll show some clues as to how the site was built and hosted.


    Do you have any information about the website and/or access to any accounts related to it?

    Yes it's dakkdesign.com and I have all my access info


    At the time I didn't know anything, I am learning now


    Thank you

    It looks to be an HTML site based on Bootstrap.  The domain is registered with NameCheap but it is pointed elsewhere for hosting.  That could be here with GoDaddy or another provider.  Are you able to access the hosting account?