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    concerns drop down menu,photos, checkout,no buy now button,Layout (Very Frustrated)

    as it is set now, we have to link to our categories and they open in a new tab. that surely will make me loose customers quickly . they will end up with 15+ tabs open just viewing my items.Nope Not doing that to my customers
    this is the link type we should be able to add in the drop down menu to simply redirect to said page :
    but instead we have to use this and it open in a new tab.(there is no option to NOT open in a new tab)
    ​customers cannot click to enlarge nor zoom in.​
    I have a paypal business account. and paypal express checkout , Yes you offer a BUTTON but the checkout to enter CC#s etc on site should be available. not just for a swip acct in which i have via paypal. Im not going to pay higher for a service i already have but you dont offer
    There is no option to add a buy now button next to items, just add to cart.
    ​Options for page layout of severely lacking​. I want visual tabs my customers can click on to view items other than to hit the shop button and then see them. Customers want ease of shopping ,not the options we have or should say we dont have now.
    Im still in my trial period and i am considering taking my business elsewhere. Building a site is time consuming but if it doesnt work with ease for my customers Im wasting my time and theirs.
    For some of us the customers matter, their opinion matters,ease of shopping matters.
     Since you offer NO email contact , my concerns had to be posted here.
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    Super User III
    Super User III

    Re: concerns drop down menu,photos, checkout,no buy now button,Layout (Very Frustrated)

    Hey there @Horseafide 


    Based on the customizations you indicate you need, you should be on a platform like WordPress or another similar CMS. The customizations you need are not in GoCentral for a very specific reason - it is a platform built for someone who has no idea how to build a website and gives them the means to get something that looks professionally designed up in minutes to hours.


    Essentially, you're on the wrong platform.

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    Re: concerns drop down menu,photos, checkout,no buy now button,Layout (Very Frustrated)

    I have not checked out word press but if requires doing code again for yet another site, Im done with that  but thank you for your response.

    I will however take a gander at the word press