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    hello I'm new and launching my ministry website

    I have a pretty decent IT software background and I am simply looking for tips to get the free website going until there are funds for the paid version. Since I've been with godaddy for a while, I noticed that my account has a free website, that is not the 30day trial so I need to use it for the time being... However, it is not very easy to navigate so I'm wondering how to do certain things which would seem easy but not so... 

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    Hi @cvilla,


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    If it's not the 30-day free trial version, you must have redeemed a credit from an older Website Builder plan. While you can still use the plan, many improvements to features have been made on the Websites+Marketing version promoted online. However, there still are a number of help files available here that can walk you through some elements of that older plan.



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    @cvilla When designing a website you want a layout that is going to be appealing. Your landing page is going to set the mood and tone of your entire site. Look at it like you're a customer looking over a site. Typically conducting research on your intended audience is going to be the best practice when it comes to designing a site. If you aren't sure what your intended audience is interested in when it comes to that topic then it's not easy to design a website to get clients.