Australia’s kp1 makes software to activate audiences

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Stephanie Conner

If you’ve ever been in a presentation and found yourself zoning out, no longer listening to the speaker — whether that’s a keynoter at a conference or your own CEO at a large company meeting — you certainly aren’t alone. With kp1, Phillip Cohen saw an opportunity to change these meeting and presentation dynamics.

“The aim of our business is to change passive audiences into active audiences,” says Phillip, who founded Australia’s kp1 in 2007. “I wanted to create a more interactive, engaging experience for both the presenters and also attendees during presentations, whether simple company meetings or large-scale speaking events.”

kp1 Founder Phillip Cohen
Australia’s kp1 aims to turn passive audiences into active audiences, says founder Phillip Cohen.

The Sydney-based small business specializes in audience response software, helping companies make presentations, meetings and conferences more interactive. With audience response systems, audience members can weigh in on questions using keypads, and results and can be shared in real time. The benefits?

  • Attendees remain more engaged.
  • Presenters receive useful data.
  • Audiences retain more information from the presentation.

“While traditional presentations often hold valuable information, too often they’re being presented to passive, inactive spectators,” Phillip says. “Audience response systems offer a unique way to not only keep attendees awake, but also keep them engaged and interested in all of the relevant session material.”

New levels of audience engagement

kp1 Device

To generate greater interest in his innovative product among his own target audience, both in Australia and internationally, Phillip knew he needed an effective website. He explains:

“I needed to establish a platform to educate prospective customers about the benefits of audience response software and how it really drives lead generation for their business.”

After a high-level audit of various products and providers, Phillip followed his website developer’s recommendation, choosing GoDaddy for its fully managed WordPress solution. He added an SSL certificate to keep customer data safe and secure and SiteLock to protect against potential online threats.

The kp1 website includes a blog, which Phillip describes as “an excellent vehicle to update target and current customers not only on the benefits of audience response systems but also industry news and trends.”

kp1 Website
Many of kp1’s sales result from inquiries made on the company’s website.

An impressive return on investment

Phillip doesn’t do any cold-calling, relying on his website for 100-percent of his marketing efforts. “Although my business has a proportion of returning customers and word-of-mouth driving sales and hire, it does still require a website to keep up revenue and growth.”

In fact, he’s seen a 15- to 20-percent increase in sales with about 90 percent of these sales coming as direct result of website inquiries.

“The ROI on the website for setup, running and maintenance cost would have been realized many years ago,” Phillip adds. “And today the ongoing cost to ensure I have certification, security and other associated measures in place are dollars well spent.”

To help round out his business’s online presence, Phillip purchased Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy. The professional productivity and email package enables kp1 to communicate and collaborate, anywhere and anytime.

Finding a business partner with GoDaddy

With competitive packaging bundles, customer support and reliable services, GoDaddy met kp1’s business needs. Phillip says:

“Working with GoDaddy and creating a strong online presence meant that I was able to clearly promote kp1’s products and services to prospective customers, resulting in more inquires and a direct translation to sales and growth.”

Happy with GoDaddy’s flexibility and product ease-of-use, Phillip has also purchased Personal Email and Personal Domains for his wife and children.

“With GoDaddy, it’s fantastic knowing you have people supporting you 24/7 with all your website inquires. GoDaddy has a huge number of products to purchase and service teams to support these products,” Phillip says. “The people are incredibly knowledgeable and polite. They escalate inquiries and get the right people involved until you get the correct answers to ensure your website is working as it should be.”