Best website design: 9 tips for fashion brands

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Charmaine Dalziel

How do you create the best website design for your fashion brand? Of course, you want your website to be easy to use on any device and quick to load. However there are plenty of other things you should take into account when creating an online fashion store.

The best fashion websites focus on experience and aspiration, rather than transactions.

Online shoppers are far more likely to take out their credit cards and place an order when a website evokes an emotional response in them.

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9 things the best fashion shops share

Here are 9 must-haves for a fashion website that is not only functional and visually compelling, but also builds trust and turns browsers into buyers.

  1. A strong brand identity.
  2. Photography first.
  3. Ample white space.
  4. Minimal copy.
  5. An “About us” page.
  6. Advanced search and visualisation features.
  7. A page for fit specifications and sizing.
  8. Easy-to-find terms.
  9. Product descriptions and reviews.

Now let’s look at each element in depth.

1. A strong brand identity

Best Website Design Woman Shopping on Her Phone
The visual elements of your business can leave a strong positive impression.

Brand identity is the visual elements — colours, design style, logo — that (we hope) will become etched in shoppers’ minds. Without a strong, consistent look, your website will struggle to induce emotion or stand out in the competitive world of fashion.

Building a stunning website requires more than just a pretty logo.

You need to choose a distinct colour palette, specific fonts for headings and paragraphs, and design unique icons that differentiate your brand and make it shine. A talented web designer can help with all of these decisions.

Remember to choose the background colours for your products before you design the more intricate elements of your site. Thoughtfully designed, high-quality packaging can also significantly increase the perceived value of the brand.

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2. Photography first

Before you start the design process, perfect your product photography. Your website might look great with placeholder images, but when those pictures are replaced with photographs of your actual products, it may result in visual inconsistencies.

To avoid this, make sure you share actual product and look-book pictures with your website designer before she starts designing your website. This way your designer can make your site visually consistent from the outset.

3. Ample white space

The quickest way to ruin the look of a fashion website is to clutter it, filling every available space with icons, calls to action, banners and pop-ups.

A fashion website should use generous white or empty space.

Why? Because empty (or negative) space on a website conveys a brand that’s luxurious and exclusive. It creates a relaxed, unhurried feeling that digital shoppers find inviting.

4. Minimal copy

A fashion website should naturally focus on visuals rather than long passages of text. Avoid selling anything on your home page. As for the other pages, keep it simple; use more words than is necessary and you’ll notice your visitors will start to leave.

Make every word count by hiring a copywriter who knows how to concisely convey your brand and product messaging on your home, product and about pages.

5. An “About us” page

These days shoppers want more than the lowest prices, the best materials or unique designs. They want to buy and wear fashion that means something to them.

If you aren’t sharing the intimate details of your company with your customers, you could be missing out on a chance to truly connect. This is why every fashion business should create a personal “About us” page to tell the story of their brand.

Weave in some history about your business and what compelled you to get started.

Convey to your potential customers:

  • What you do that no one else does
  • Your mission and values
  • Everything that makes your business unique

Give your shoppers a convincing reason to shop with you. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to share your story and celebrate the people behind your business.

6. Advanced search and visualisation features

Best Website Design Man Browsing on Tablet
An easy-to-use search feature makes shoppers very happy.

Make it easy for your online shoppers to find what they’re looking for with a robust search feature. Have your web designer set up search filters and meta data for style, colour, size or model name.

Then provide visualisation tools so customers can zoom in, view products from multiple angles or browse products in different colours. Use high-quality videos to showcase your products whenever possible.

Clever search functions and customer experience tools can give you the edge over your competitors.

7. A page for fit specifications and sizing

Creating a page dedicated to the sizing, fit and other specifications of your products is an extremely effective strategy for online fashion stores.

This empowers shoppers, equipping them with all the information they need to choose a product that’s the right fit and style for them.

Sharing these details can also reduce the likelihood of returns — a bonus for both you and the customer!

8. Easy-to-find terms

Place your return and exchange policies in a clear, easy-to-find location on your website. This is crucial for fashion stores especially, because your customers can’t try on your products before they buy them (unless you also happen to have a physical store).

Best Website Design Two Women on an Escalator
Make it easy to find returns information, since shoppers can’t try items on.

Tell your customers precisely what they need to do if they have to replace or exchange a product before they buy it, not after.

9. Product descriptions and reviews

Turn browsers into buyers with detailed product descriptions that convey the fit, style and options of each piece. Use simple words and a tone that matches your business personality.

Remember to use words economically. Your fashion site is a visual medium first and any unnecessary text can increase the number of people who leave without purchasing.

When you do use words, make them count with search-optimised product descriptions that also strengthen your brand and encourage your customers to make a purchase.

Let customers comment on your products too.

Customer reviews are worth their weight in gold because they build trust and increase sales. Consider adding an invitation to rate your products to every receipt.

The best website designs sell themselves

The success of your online fashion store is largely dependent on the quality of your products — the clothing, footwear, eyewear and/or accessories in your collection.

However, the actual design of your online store has a bigger impact than you might expect.

Establishing a strong brand identity, telling your story and creating a visually rich experience can make customers feel great about buying from your online fashion store. Best of luck!

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