How to build a fitness website that converts with GoDaddy’s sitebuilder

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Aaron Knight

UPDATE: This sitebuilder post was originally published on 31 January 2019 and updated on 4 January 2020.

Building a great reputation in fitness requires real communication skills — when you’re with current clients, talking to potential new clients and of course online. And this is where sitebuilders come in.

Most trainers and gyms are ultimately found by Aussies searching online.

This is why it’s vital you have a website, along with one or two active social media profiles. Without them, your business is invisible to most people.

It’s no secret that building a website can be complex. It can also be hard to sort out when you are so time-poor. That’s why sitebuilders are terrific. All the coding and tech work has been done for you — all you have to do is customise a pre-built website to suit your business. It’s a really smart way to get a great website, and expand your audience and client list with it.

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What are my options?

Whether you’re a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, fitness retailer or gym owner, there are many ways to create a website and get it online. These include:

GoDaddy website building chart showing easy to difficult

If you are time-poor but have funds to pay someone else to do it, hiring a developer is a good option. For those looking to keep startup costs to a minimum, a DIY sitebuilder can be terrific.

With just a little time and money, you can set up a website and start getting noticed online.

But not all sitebuilders are made equal, so it’s important to know what essentials your sitebuilder should have.

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What will my website require?

Most small business owners want their websites to be unique in design. But when it comes to the components that make up a website as a whole, everyone needs:

Beyond these essentials, there’s also commonly the need for an email address with the business web address in it, such as

It’s also important to choose a sitebuilder that makes it easy to update your site with the latest promotions, class offerings and news. It will save time and money if you can do this yourself.

Beyond these basic needs, what else is it important your fitness sitebuilder have to function at its very best?

Finding a fantastic fitness sitebuilder

There are four key questions you should keep in mind as you look to pick the perfect sitebuilder for you.

What unique features does it offer?

Any great sitebuilder will look to offer you something that cannot be found elsewhere. You may not need this unique feature (or even want to use it!), but every sitebuilder offers its own platform. So identifying what’s special about each one is important.

Does it allow for online growth and expansion?

Sitebuilder Fitness Gear
Think long-term; a few years from now, you could be selling merchandise online.

As your fitness business grows, your online needs will probably grow too. A good sitebuilder will allow you to upscale your website to include:

  • An online scheduler that allows clients to book their own appointments
  • The ability to accept online payments for bookings, branded merchandise or videos
  • An email tool that automates regular communications with clients
  • An easy way to add product reviews and social referrals to your website

Is it possible to move your website to another domain if the need arises?

Sometimes a business may want to change its name. There can be many reasons for this, like expanding the business interstate, or simply the desire for a rebrand. That’s why it’s wise to confirm any sitebuilder you’re thinking of using makes changing a domain name easy.

Does it give you website statistics?

Effectively growing your business requires understanding how your website visitors behave. What pages do they spend the most time on? What kind of content do they like the most — videos, blog posts, downloads, etc?

Having the answers can help you identify which parts of your site are proving really popular with visitors, and which might need a rethink. That’s why your sitebuilder should offer website statistics.

Editor's note: Ready to try the DIY option? Check out Websites + Marketing or get a WordPress website the easy way with GoDaddy. Not the DIY type? Let the pros at GoDaddy design a fitness website for you.

See strong results with a website

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Fitness Theme
GoDaddy's Managed WordPress offers pre-built websites like this one for you to customise.

Whether you’re a personal trainer, gym owner or specialise in a fitness niche, an active online presence is key to bringing clients in the door. A great-looking website can help you retain existing clients and bring in new ones.

Just like executing a good training plan, with the right preparation and ongoing dedication, your website can become a key driver of growth. So look to follow our guide to maximise your business’ visibility online!

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