Build a construction website that will bring in jobs

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Jon Hansen

With most Canadians turning to the internet when looking for contractors, if you don’t have a website, you’ve already lost the job. But don’t worry. This post will explain how to build a construction website to get your business in front of more clients.

Check out our step-by-step guide to building a website here.

If you are already getting the word out about your services on social media, pat yourself on the back. By adding a website, your business is more likely to show up when people search for construction services in your area.

What any good construction website should have

If you want more clients to find you, you’ll need to build a construction website. Whether you do it yourself or pay someone for web design, the requirements are the same.

  1. A good name.
  2. Answers to their questions.
  3. Client reviews.
  4. The ability to talk to search engines.

Building a website is not a difficult task — you just have to do it! The following tips will help you get it right.

1. A good name

In his post, “5 steps for building a construction business website,” Erik Deckers stresses the importance of owning your own domain name.

Domains are like street addresses — except they help people find you online.

Build a Construction Website Example of Domain Name is a domain name. It helps people remember where to find this website.

Why not see if your domain name is available now?

Deckers then suggests a couple of options:

Whatever route you choose, take as much pride in how your website looks as you do in the work you do for your clients. What people see online can lead to a phone call … or a lost job.

2. Answers to their questions

Now that we have talked about the why and the how, the next important step is the what — what should be on your website?

People turn to the web for information, so make sure your website answers basic questions like:

  • Who you are.
  • What you do.
  • Who you work for (commercial, residential, etc).
  • What area(s) you service.

You’ll also want to include photos and (if possible) video tours of your previous projects.

An article in talks about how virtual reality helps clients “see” how the project will work out before it’s begun. Your website would be an ideal place to showcase such videos if you have them.

3. Client reviews

Build a Construction Website Woman with Coffee Cup

Nothing shows your skill as a contractor like photos and quotes from past clients. Whether choosing a restaurant or a contractor, people trust the opinions of those who have already tried out the service.

Testimonials do not have to be in writing only.

I have seen business owners post videos of clients talking about their work, while showing off the results with pride.

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4. The ability to talk to search engines

Search engines like Google can make or break your success on the web. If they like you, they can make sure your web listing shows up when locals search for your services.

Fortunately, their are ways to make search engines like you (or at least like your website):

You can get step-by-step instructions on the search engine optimisation (SEO) process in this terrific post.

Whatever you do, make it mobile

Build a Construction Website Man Using iPad

The majority of Canadians now use their smartphones or tablets to look for things online, so your website must not only look good on a mobile device but also load quickly.

Our mobile devices are like the clothes we wear every day; we would feel naked without them.

Note: When you publish your GoDaddy website, it automatically creates a mobile version for viewing on smaller screens, whether smartphone or tablet.

Build a construction website for your business

Whether you are building houses or commercial properties, remember that you also need to build your business as well. A well-designed website is the best tool for getting more jobs. So what are you waiting for? Start building!

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