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India’s textile industry has had a rough couple of years. Demonetisation, the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST), rupee appreciation and rising cotton prices took their toll. But according to CITI Chairman Sanjay Jain, the industry is finally on the mend. If you’re thinking of starting a new textile company, you’ll need a website as well as a domain name to serve as its online address. Following are domain name ideas for you to consider.

U.S. imports of made-in-India cotton sheets and towels rose from 34 to 40 per cent in 2017.

Domain Name Suggestions Towels

Until a few years ago, the most popular choices for businesses seeking web addresses or URLs for their websites were .com and .in. But it can be difficult to find an appealing domain name with these extensions, as many of the most desirable names have already been registered by others.

If this is the case, consider one of the many new domain extensions now available for your web address. From .global to .clothing and .design, the new extensions make naming a website much easier.

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Domain name ideas for textile industry

Domain Name Suggestions Silk

Textiles and apparel businesses across the country are beginning to feel the effects of the recent rupee depreciation and rising domestic demand.

These and other factors have prompted the Ministry of Finance to predict a 7 to 7.5 per cent growth in FY 2018-19, compared to a 6.75 per cent increase last fiscal year.

To succeed in the new millenium, India’s textile businesses must use all the tools at their disposal.

This begins with their web addresses, often the first thing a partner, investor or potential client learns about a business. The domain extensions below can help promote your products — before the client even reaches your website.

Domains that will open your business to the world

According to industry analysts, demand for Indian home textiles will grow by eight per cent over the next few years. This improves upon Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s prediction. Increased trade with new markets in Asia, Australia, South America and Canada will account for much of this growth.

To let customers, partners and investors know you’re ready to go global, consider one of these extensions for your business web address. Simply add your business name before the dot.

For companies that cater to specialty markets

India’s textile producers have historically supplied manufacturers in a variety of sectors with the materials they need to produce their products. These include the clothing and housewares industries, but also auto, construction and furniture sectors as well.

The domain extensions below would be good options for these businesses:

Names that suggest low prices

Domain Name Suggestions Piles of Folded Fabric

Exporters looking for savings on either raw materials or finished goods naturally look to India, given the country’s significantly lower production costs.

To capitalize on this perception, consider one of the cheapest domains from the extensions listed below — possibly as a second domain that you forward to your primary website domain.

Such a domain name could also be used to take those who click on it to a section of your website that’s dedicated to discounted goods.

Creative domain names

There’s a new day dawning in India’s fashion scene, thanks to a growing number of independent, ethical fashion labels. For those businesses that supply goods to the fashion sector, something more creative might be in order:

For companies that sell value add products to retailers

Some in the textile industry produce value add products in addition to providing materials to manufacturers. These businesses might consider the following for their websites:


Those who haven’t found quite the right name in the lists above might like one of these:

Tips on choosing

Domain Name Suggestions Hand Loom

Your company’s domain name becomes your web address, so it’s important that it’s short, catchy and easy to spell. The right domain name is so important that many startups choose their business names based on the availability of the matching domain name.

A few ideas for creative ways to use these new extensions to brand your textiles business:

  • What you put before the dot is just as important as what appears after. For example, .earth could be used to create a web address such as Or combine a word such as “Silk” with .supply — when taken together, tells the world exactly what you do.
  • Clients reviewing your wares online will be looking for product photos, which could make .gallery a good choice. Try putting your your business name before the dot.
  • .online would be a smart move for an established textile company transitioning to the online space for the first time. Add your business name for a digital address that long-time customers will recognize immediately.

Domain name ideas in summary

With the textiles industry going global, a website and domain name are just as important to business success as power looms and skilled workers. After all, when buyers, partners and investors look for textile producers, they’ll be looking online. If your textile company isn’t there, your business will suffer.

As always, .com and .in continue to be good options for naming a business website — in any industry. But don’t be deterred if the name you want has already been registered. Try searching one of the new domain extensions for a web address that works for you.

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