Textile website templates for your business

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Brian Pereira

Selling textiles, fabrics and clothing online can be a lucrative business. Some choose to sell raw fabric to clothing, furniture and auto manufacturers, while others offer finished garments on their own online stores. Textile website templates are a quick way to start building such a website.

A template or theme is a pre-built website. You simply customise it to suit your business.

To sell online, textile business owners know that they need to create online versions of their product catalogues with product photos, pricing and shipping details. They'll also need to consider creating a customized logo that represents their brand, which is easy to do when using GoDaddy's free logo maker.

But what else does it take to get a website for your business? How much will it cost?

You don’t need programming or web designing skills to create a basic WordPress website, as this popular tool offers thousands of free themes to get you started. (I am going to use the words “templates” and “themes” interchangeably in this article, but they are the same thing.)

While you can find many WordPress themes on the web, I will tell you about some textile website templates available with the GoDaddy WordPress Website.

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Top-rated textile website templates

I spent some time on the GoDaddy WordPress themes page and picked the best textile website templates. To see how each template would look on a real website, all I had to do was click the Preview button.

1. Primer textile website template

Textile Website Templates Primer

Construct an eye-catching, adaptable textiles website from the Primer template. Like all GoDaddy WordPress templates, Primer includes:

  • A modern design that instantly resizes to fit the viewer’s screen, whether desktop or smartphone.
  • Intuitive page building tools that makes customisation easy.
  • Free domain, email and instructional videos.
  • Award-winning, 24/7 customer support in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi or English.

Keep the main photo that comes with this theme or change it out with a few clicks. Use the three blocks below the large central photo to feature your most popular products or services.

2. Velux textile website template

Textile Website Templates Velux

The Velux template takes a bold approach to showcasing your raw or finished goods. The following features come with this template, as well as all GoDaddy textile website templates:

  • 8 pre-built web pages including About Us, Gallery and Contact Us. Rename any section easily.
  • A gallery of thousands of royalty-free photos that you can search by category.
  • Creative pallet of fonts, colours and layouts to make your website your own.
  • GoDaddy's award-winning, 24/7 customer support.

The Gallery page is an ideal place to showcase your wares, whether finished products or unfinished fabrics. For best results, use natural light when photographing your products.

3. Stout textile website template

Textile Website Templates Stout

Launch a modern, current textiles website based on the Stout template. All pre-set photos can be changed out with any one of dozens of free textile-related photos.

  • Use free plug-ins to add practically any feature to your website, from appointment scheduling to a secure client portal.
  • A wide selection of graphics, fonts and colours available via the swipe-to-style editor.
  • Automatic WordPress updates and security patches so you don’t bother with this.
  • GoDaddy's award-winning, 24/7 customer support.

Use the QuickStart Wizard and GoDaddy will pre-install an online store with the popular WooCommerce plug-in.

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Once you’ve chosen

Be sure to note the name of the template you choose, as you'll need to enter it when installing WordPress. Then:

  1. Click Start with WordPress to be taken to a plan page.
  2. Select a Managed WordPress plan.
  3. Fill in the remaining details to make the purchase.
  4. Click Continue and follow the instructions on the screen to begin customising your chosen template for your business.

If you have trouble at any time, call GoDaddy’s friendly, knowledgeable staff for help in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi or English.

Summary and conclusion

Picking a textile website theme from GoDaddy is risk-free. If you don’t like the one you choose, it is easily changed later.

So enjoy the process. As you scroll through GoDaddy’s template library, pay less attention to the main image, colours and font of each template — these can all be changed. Instead, look for a layout that feels in keeping with your business personality. With a few minutes of effort, you can adjust any design closer to your business’ brand identity. Even the site colours can easily changed to match your business logo.

Good luck as you take your textile business online.