The best way to come up with company name ideas

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Shweta Saxena

If you’re planning to start a business and are looking for interesting names for your company, then you’re at the right place. Today we’ll discuss how to come up with company name ideas.

Why do you need to pay attention to this article?

1. Names are important!

A study says that 77% of the purchase decisions are taken on a brand name. While we think human beings are the most rational animals, the most important decision of making a purchase is based on emotions and not logic. If a brand evokes positive emotions, people tend to buy more.

2. It is unwise to change the name later

Technically, there are provisions to change your company name, both online and offline, but it is not advised. You’ll not just have to rebrand your business — from printing new business cards to installing new signage — but all the links and trust you have earned on the internet will be lost.

I’m sure you don’t want this. So let’s learn how to get it right from the start.

5 tips on come up with company name ideas

Here are five simple ways to get creative with your business name.

  1. Abstract names.
  2. Names with a keyword in it.
  3. Combo of two.
  4. Your name.
  5. Anything popular in your industry.

Once you’ve found a business name you love, use our checklist at the bottom to rate your choice.

1. Abstract names

Abstract names are the ones that have no association with the business name or what it produces. They can be of two types:

Company Name Ideas Apple Logo

Names that have meaning, but no product association

For example, Apple and Oscar are the names that existed before they became business names. But neither of them relate to what the respective companies do. Apple produces sleek, user-friendly computers, mobile phones and tech gadgets — not fruit.

The invented names

On the other hand, you can choose something absolutely original that does not exist yet. Like the very popular brand names Jabong or Flipkart for example, neither word has meaning per se.

This option is good when you’re not sure if your business model will work.

With an abstract name, if you want to add categories or you decide to revamp the entire business, you need not change the name of your company.

2. Names with a keyword in it

You may want to play it smart and have keyword right in the name itself. A keyword is a word or phrase that your customers will likely type in when looking for your product or service on the internet.

Using this method, your business name itself conveys what you do — for example, or

This method has an extra advantage of ranking for the keyword. However, you have to be careful as Google is cautious of the exact match domain names.

You can find keywords for your business using this guide.

3. Combo of two

So, put on your creative hat. We’re going to explore some very creative names for your company.

Think of some words related to your industry. Then type them into a tool like Name Combiner — it melds two to four words into really creative names.

Say you sell cosmetics — let’s put in beauty and cosmetics and see what shows up.

Company Name Ideas Combination Tool

You can put one Hindi and one English word in the tool to make the experiment more interesting. It doesn’t take long to come up with some innovative combos.

4. Your name

If you’re a coach, trainer or would like to become an influencer like Jon Loomer or DigitalDeepak, your name can be a good company name.

However, there are some downsides to naming your business after yourself. If your given name is very common, it may be hard to find a domain name for your website (because one of the 27 other people with your surname would have already taken it).

You might also want to put some distance between you and your business by naming it something else, so clients don’t always expect to meet exclusively with you.

Another way to come up with a company name is finding unique names or jargon specific to your industry.

For example, if you’re a photographer then you can choose a name related to words like pixel or focus.

If it is related to fashion then you can have something like yoke or grading. You get the idea.

Grade your top choice against this checklist

I am sure you have some company names ready by now. Let’s put them all to the litmus test and see which one survives.

Is it easy to spell?

How do you like these names: Speesees, Naymz or Flickr?

Yes, these businesses did it, but only by spending lots of money on awareness advertising. Plus, when you choose a misspelled name, you’ll have to spell out your domain name every time you mention it.

Your business name is not the right place to be rebellious.

Is it fun to pronounce?

It’s not necessary that your name should be fun to pronounce but it’s good if it is. For example, I love pronouncing:

  • Ola
  • Zomato
  • Kodak

Consider names like Bella or Ella — you found them interesting, right?

This is because of the element called cognitive fluency. Our minds love anything they find easy to understand and process.

Pro tip: The quick way to find a name that’s easy to pronounce is to make sure it has vowels. Our subconscious has a unique association with vowels. If you notice, babies speak in vowels — they even cry in vowels.

Is it easy to remember?

How does a business name become memorable? When it:

  • Is easy to understand
  • Has no complex words
  • Paints a picture in your head

For example, on hearing, I can easily draw a picture of something that shares stories of people. On hearing Nature’s Basket, I see a basket full of fresh, green fruits and vegetables.

Is it free of any kind of ambiguity?

Company Name Ideas Scrabble Letters

There are a few things that confuse people and land them on someone else's website (could be your competitor):

  • Having a hyphen in the name
  • Any spelling changes
  • Using numbers

If you don’t want that, make sure there’s nothing in your name that can confuse your target customers.

Is the matching domain name available?

Before you do anything serious like register your new business name with the government, make sure you can buy the matching domain name for your business website.

Nothing is more confusing to customers than a business named Ahuja Fine Fabrics with a web address of

Check if the domain name you want is available right now


We often consider numerology as an orthodox concept and ignore it completely. But the truth is, names are a form of energy and every energy has good and bad vibrations. Find out the numerology score of your business name before you make a final choice.

Check out its meaning in other languages

If you’re not limited to India and catering to other countries as well, this step can save you from any possible embarrassment later.

Here is an interesting example of such failure: Pee Cola is a popular soda bottled in Ghana. Its name means ‘very good cola’ to the locals, but that’s not the tourist’s first impression of this drink.

The first and most important business decision

Naming your business is the most important decision you’ll take for your business in the coming years. Invest ample time and energy in exploring enough company name ideas before you finalize one. Don’t stop the process until you get a business name you are married to. Happy searching!

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