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Cate Barker

India is home to 1.3 billion people, a fast-growing economy and an expanding middle class. Together, these factors should make furniture a good business to be in right now. In this post, we’ll explore how the right website name can help furniture producers connect with the growing number of individuals and businesses looking to buy.

The furniture market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.91 percent through 2023.

This growth is fueled by:

  • Expansion of middle class.
  • Growing urbanization in Indian states.
  • Rising demand from commercial sector for low-cost plastic furniture.

Indians have also started using wood for furnishing cupboards, decorating and other purposes — also good news for the home goods sector.

Website Name Modular Furniture

While there is some demand for locally produced furniture, there is far more interest in contemporary imports.

Whether your company builds traditional Indian furniture or manufactures modular seating, a website is no longer a luxury — it’s a requirement. Equally important is what you name your website. A short, catchy website name is vital for success in today’s global market.

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Speak to them in their own language

Internet uses ASCII characters, a language based on English lettering. This has made it hard for businesses whose customers speak Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi or another dialect to get website names in those languages.

As a result, many furniture businesses have website names that cannot be understood by local consumers who don’t read or speak English.

No longer. Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) make it possible to search through a greater selection of available domains and select far more descriptive website names.

With an IDN, your company’s name looks the same online and off.

For example, all three of the website names below are used for GoDaddy websites in different countries:

  • 去爸爸.co
  • GoDaddyEspañ

You can register an IDN using the native language characters or standard punycode character format (there’s a converter here). If you enter the language characters, registrars like GoDaddy convert it to punycode for you.

Check your local language website name below

To view characters in an IDN, you must adjust your language settings in your web browser. If you can't see the characters, you might need to install a foreign language pack.

If you work or sell furniture or home goods in India, IDNs brings you one step closer to your customers.

Which extension to choose?

Website Name Couch
Furniture manufacturers now have more choices in what they name their websites.

There is another decision to make in choosing a website name: which domain extension to use. A domain extension is the part that comes after the dot, with .com the world’s most widely recognized extension. For this reason businesses the world over choose it when naming their websites.

India’s domain name

But .com is not your only option. India’s official domain is .in and is used by everyone from government agencies to Indian bloggers.

.in is an excellent choice for any furniture manufacturer that sells to India.

Because .in is open to registration by anyone in any location, it is also frequently chosen by international businesses that supply goods and services to India’s business and consumer markets.

Pro tip: Using your .in domain name for your business email as well as your website name lets everyone know your website uses the local currency.

New options for a new age

No longer are individuals and businesses limited to a few domain extensions. Sure, the classics — .in, .com, .net, .org — are still available. But the hundreds of new domain extensions make it possible to select far more descriptive website names.

Choose .furniture for a web address recognizable by all.

Add your business name on the other side of the dot to any of these:





Consider owning more than one domain name — one for your primary website name, others that lead to individual sections on your website. Each one acts as another door onto your website and therefore, your business.

A website name: it’s no longer optional

Artisans in India and around the world have made and sold furniture for thousands of years with nothing more than their own hands. In the contemporary world, skill and craftsmanship is no longer enough. If you would like to supply the growing demand for furniture — in India and around the world — you’ll need a website and a website name. Choose wisely; it’s the world’s window into your business.

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