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Tushar Johari

Web development has come a long way in creating interactive websites. Developers have several options in terms of coding languages, frameworks, libraries and Content Management Systems like WordPress. However, managing a multitude of websites for different clients can be a backbreaking task for any WordPress developer or designer.

To ease the pain, GoDaddy has a program called GoDaddy Pro. This provides easy access to free tools that help WordPress developers efficiently manage and monitor all the websites in their portfolios (including those not built with WordPress).

GoDaddy Pro not only helps developers to manage their entire portfolio from a single dashboard but it also helps them expand their development business.

Major features of GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy Pro is a multi-site management platform that helps WordPress developers provide support and manage their clients’ websites efficiently.

“Being a part of GoDaddy Pro gives me the opportunity to increase sales and financial gain.” - Rohit Verma, Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.

Below are the major functionalities provided by GoDaddy Pro:

1. Pro Sites

As a website developer, the majority of your time is dedicated to providing ongoing site support services to your clients. Customer support is extremely important from a business point of view, as it leads to recurring business opportunities.

Pro Sites is a powerful tool to efficiently manage all your clients’ WordPress websites from one place.

WordPress Developer GoDaddy Pro Dashboard
Rather than logging in to many dashboards every day, here you open just one.

Single, integrated dashboard saves a tremendous amount of time that is otherwise lost in login and logout activities from multiple admin dashboards.

Pro Sites works with all the web hosting companies.

Through Pro Sites, developers and designers can easily carry out several routine tasks for all their clients’ WordPress sites at ease.

For example, they can push updates on the core WordPress theme and plugins on all websites from the dashboard. There is also an option for applying bulk updates on the websites.

Additional features available on all the sites you manage (including non-WordPress sites) include:

Client reports

This is a feature that is liked by most of the WordPress developers and designers. Pro Sites generates monthly reports for your clients, listing every action that you have done on their website in a pdf format.

Client reports show customers what they’re getting for their money.

Reporting gives your client an assurance that you are continuously monitoring their website. You also have the option to brand your report as an add-on functionality.

Performance monitoring

With the help of this feature, you can easily monitor that all your sites are running at a satisfactory speed. Slow sites kill businesses and your client definitely doesn’t want to own a slow website.

Automated security checks

You can also schedule security scans of your websites to look for malicious activity. You will get instant alerts for any issues on your websites.

In addition to the free tools, you can pay a small fee for:

  • Secure cloud backups on all sites
  • Uptime monitoring that texts you if any of your sites go down (available for all sites)
  • Cloning and migration

By reducing the amount of time you spend managing the websites under your control, you’ll have more time to build websites for new clients. Business development made easier!

2. Pro Clients

Used to be that programmers had to buy the products they needed for their clients, then bill them after the fact. No longer.

With the help of Pro Clients, you can easily purchase and manage GoDaddy products and services for all your websites. Pro Clients includes:

An integrated platform

You can just log in once to access and manage all your clients’ GoDaddy products — manage DNS, set up email, configure hosting and so on.

Payment options

You can either purchase the product from your card or send the selected products to your clients for them to purchase. For billing purpose, you can also directly see how much you have spent on each client.

Client account access

Developers also have an option to securely log in into their client’s GoDaddy account and make the purchases without compromising the client’s security.

3. Pro Rewards

Let’s talk about money now. Pro Rewards is another feature of the Godaddy Pro programme that rewards the developers and designers for every GoDaddy product they purchase. The main rewards under this program are:

Discounts and credits

GoDaddy gives you a 5% to 10% in-store credit for future purchases with every GoDaddy product that you buy.

GoDaddy Pro has two rewards tiers: Pro and Pro Plus. The in-store credit percentage you earn depends on the tier. Pro subscribers get five percent while Pro Plus subscribers get 10% in-store credit.

Pro Connect

Pro Connect allows you to list your business in the GoDaddy directory of web developers and designers.

Businesses across the globe can search the directory to find talented developers and designers for their projects. As of now, only Pro Plus members are eligible to take benefits of the Pro Connect program.

A boon to WordPress developers in India

WordPress Developer Female Developer with Headphones

GoDaddy Pro is quite a straightforward and simple tool for developers and designers. Through its functionalities under Pro Sites, Pro Clients and Pro Rewards, it offers comprehensive features for website management and monitoring. It also offers strong reporting capabilities which affirm to clients that their money is being well spent.

Although open to all web developers and designers, GoDaddy Pro is especially useful for WordPress developers.

If you are a developer or a designer who is managing multiple websites and wants to automate routine tasks and improve customer satisfaction, then GoDaddy Pro is the right program for you. You can sign up right away for the program for free and start exploring the features that it offers.