Unearth your gold mine — How to list domain names for sale

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Joe Styler

At some point in this day and age, it’s likely you’ll find yourself with a domain you own, but no longer need. Instead of letting that domain expire, why not try to sell it? You could be sitting on your own private gold mine. Early retirement might not be possible with only a few domain names for sale, but you could still get some spending cash.

After all, if you were to end your business, you wouldn’t just throw away your extra products or materials — you’d capitalize on your investments and sell them. In fact, there are people, and even businesses, who invest in buying domains on a regular basis. Whether you’re an investor with thousands of domains or just have one you no longer want to keep, you have options.

There are powerful tools available to help you get top dollar for your domain assets.

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of these top domain sales for 2016, courtesy of dnjournal.com:

  • HG.com — $3.7 Million
  • Vivo.com — $2.1 Million
  • Jade.com — $1.25 Million

You could be sitting on a gold mine. Will your domain be worth as much as these? Maybe not, but you never know! The best way to find out is to use some of these useful online tools to track domain names for sale. That way, you’ll have an idea of what your name might be worth.

Keeping tabs on domain names for sale

Before you list your hidden gem on the market, do some research and find a good target price range.

NameBio. The best single location for checking public domain name sales prices. You can even tailor your search to highlight similar terms found in your own domain name. You’ll be able to see firsthand how domains have sold historically, and these comps can give you a good estimate for your domain’s worth.

Estibot. This site attempts to give you an automated, free appraisal of your domain. Just be sure to use this in conjunction with outside research. It’s nice to have a quick answer, but watching historical trends and sales always helps.

Using these tools, you can get a better understanding of your domain’s worth. At the end of the day, all domains are unique. List your domain at a price you would be happy with selling it at.

Posting domain names for sale

After you’ve checked the tools and are ready to price your domains, it’s time to actually list them. At GoDaddy, you have the option to list your domain names for sale via Premium Name listings and GoDaddy Auctions.

Premium listing

Premium domains are listed with a Buy Now price, and once they’re sold they instantly leave your account and move automatically to the buyer. They show up for sale on GoDaddy when customers come to search for an available domain name to buy.

Domain Names For Sale Premium

The premium domain will also automatically list your domain on the GoDaddy auctions in most cases.

GoDaddy Auctions

When selling a domain name through GoDaddy Auctions, you can list your domain name a number of ways:

Create a minimum reserve price. Using the traditional, seven-day auction method, you can sell your domain to the highest bidder once it closes — so long as the final offer meets or exceeds your price (this is similar to Ebay auctions).

Sell without a set price. Using an offer/counter-offer setup, you can entertain bids and negotiate pricing to suit your needs. The domain name will sell only if you agree to an offer price from the interested party.


If you really want to supercharge your ability to sell a domain, Afternic is the option you should choose. Even though this platform is typically utilized by professionals, it’s open to anyone — and the cost is the same as simply listing your domain names for sale with GoDaddy. It’s a no-brainer for someone seriously about selling their domains.

Listings through Afternic will appear on more than 100 partner registrars throughout the world.

If they are listed with a Buy Now price, they’ll also appear as a premium listing at GoDaddy. Better yet, a Buy Now domain will appear on more than 100 partner registrars all over the world in addition to GoDaddy. That includes nine out of the top 10 most popular registrars. And to top it all, managing your listing is easy. Don’t worry about having an account across all 100 registrars — update, manage and handle your listing with ease with Afternic, and watch your domain spread across the network.

Listing at GoDaddy is good, but listing at Afternic is better. Along with the increased exposure, you get access to Afternic’s sales team — experts ready and willing to field questions from buyers about your domain name. They even help to seal the deal! And since Afternic is owned by GoDaddy, you’re guaranteed to get the same, great customer support.

In conclusion

Domain Names For Sale Hiding

Have any domain names hiding in your account? Do some research and see what they could be worth. Then, head on over to GoDaddy or Afternic and start listing. Why wait? Start selling your domains today and put a little extra money in your pocket.